8 Ways To Improve Blood Circulation Naturally


Ways To Improve Blood Circulation Naturally

Proper blood circulation is required to keep yourself healthy. Improved blood circulation helps blood to flow to all your vital organs. All the required oxygen and nutrients supply through blood. If someone frequently have cold feet then one might need to improve the blood circulation. Poor blood circulation also causes dizziness, headache hair fall etc.

There Are A Few Number Of Ways To Improve Blood Circulation In Your Body

1. Healthy Diet Is Necessary

Healthy diet boosts immune system. A healthy diet includes vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. The nitrate found in green vegetables help to improve blood flow. There are also some foods that help to prevent clogged arteries. Oily fish, spinach, green tea, oats, berries and garlic have properties to improve vascular health and improve blood flow.

Healthy Diet Is Necessary

2. Wear Right Clothing

Special type of clothing is recommended for better blood circulation. Improper clothing hinders proper circulation. It is said that compression socks helps with circulation. Avoid wearing extra tight clothing. Tights and skinny jeans hinder blood flow. Wear loose fitting clothing.

Wear Right Clothing

3. Get Enough Exercise

Exercise is a good way to have a better blood flow. Any type of physical activity pumps blood. Sometimes 10 minutes walking can improve the blood circulation. One can also choose other simple physical activities such as running, swimming or any type of sports, include stretching in your fitness routine. Try rebounding therapy. Jump on a trampoline. This will help to get the blood circulating properly.

Get Enough Exercise

4. Get A Massage

A good massage stimulates blood flow. When you are getting massage the movement should be directed towards the heart. It helps promoting the lymph and venous blood flow. Manual lymph drainage therapy can drain swollen lymph nodes and thus improve the blood circulation. One can also try using oils such as olive oil, coconut oil etc during a massage season. Get a massage season 2 to 3 times a week.

Get A Massage

5. Use Hydrotherapy

Drink adequate water. All the body organs required to stay hydrated in order to function properly. The blood fluid is mostly water. Water also helps to flushing out the toxins of the body. It is recommended to drink around 7-8 glasses of water every day. One can add flavors in the water for taste. use hot water shower to improve blood circulation.warm water helps relax tense muscle.

Use Hydrotherapy

6. Use Herbs

Herbs such as Ginko bibola and Cayenne can work in healthy blood flow. These herbs stimulate the heart strengthening arteries and capillaries that results in improved blood circulation. These herbal supplements can improve the blood flow. But check with your doctor before taking herbal supplements.

Use Herbs

7. Manage Stress

stress can have negative impact on health including poor blood circulation. Managing stress can have positive effect on your blood flow. Too much of stress  leads to dysfunction with your cardiovascular system. Stress causes the blood vessels to constrict and reduce proper circulation. There are many ways to relieve stress. Try those and have a better blood flow in the body.

Manage Stress

8. Limit Salt Consumption

Too much salt is not good for health. It can raise blood pressure. It impacts negatively on blood circulation. High intake of salt hardens the arteries. Also there are some foods that contain high amount of sodium. Mostly the processed food such as lunch meat, frozen pizza, canned soup etc contain high amount of sodium. Limiting such foods is necessary for better blood flow.

Limit Salt Consumption

Reduce coffee and tea intake. Avoid alcohol. Quit smoking. Eat foods that stimulate blood flow.

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