8 Simple And Effective Ways To Shed Water Weight

8 Simple And Effective Ways To Shed Water Weight

A few people appear puffy and bloated, because of the water weight. Human body is made of 60% water and it regulates most of the functions. Women often experience and suffer from water retention due to various problems. For most of the people who are not prone to any chronic illness, water weight is not a serious concern. However, it impacts your appearance and makes you feel sluggish. With proper diet and changes in daily routine, you can easily shed the water weight.

Here Are The Simple And Effective Ways To Shed Water Weight To Look And Feel Healthy.

1. Drink Water:

It may sound odd and even funny. However, not drinking adequate water is one of the reasons that you gain water weight. Drinking more water is an easiest and laziest way to shed water weight. Water plays a pivotal role in regulating functions of all organs, cells and tissues. In case of insufficient water intake, the cells automatically lock the water as much as possible, which leads to fluid imbalance. So, drink more water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. However, be wary that you shouldn’t go overboard. It dramatically increases water weight. Just make sure you drink enough water to quench your thirst.


2. Get Adequate Sleep And Sleep More:

Sleep is equally important as your diet to protect your health. During sleep, body repairs itself. Lack of sleep disrupts hormonal balance, which leads to water imbalance in the body. Sleep affects the sympathetic kidney nerves, which is essential for water and sodium balance.
Sleep is one of the natural repair mechanisms of the body which detoxifies as well as regenerates growth of cells. Adequate sleep helps your body retain the hydration and shed water weight. It also prevents water retention. adequate sleep and

3. Check Your Salt Intake:

There is a direct link with sodium or salt intake and water weight. When you eat a lot of salty foods, it leads to water retention. Too much salt causes dehydration where your cells hold on to the fluids in the body. Cut down your salt intake. This is probably the easiest way to shed water weight.
salt intake

4. Eat Potassium Rich Foods:

There are many natural foods, rich in specific nutrients that act as natural diuretics, which easily fight the water retention. Potassium is an essential mineral often overlooked. Lack of potassium is one of the major causes of water retention in the body. It regulates water balance and prevents unnecessary fluid retention. Nuts and seeds, carrots, dates, mangoes, papaya, corn, avocado, cantaloupe, lentils and kiwi are some of the foods rich in potassium. Banana is the richest source of potassium. Eat banana regularly to shed water weight in no time.
women Eat foods

5. De-Stress:

Stress is one of the major triggers of many lifestyle disorders and conditions. Prolonged stress or stressing too much over little things frequently impacts the whole mechanism of the body. Stress increases the cortisol hormones, which abruptly impact vital functions and leads to hormonal imbalance in the body. Subsequently, cortisone increases the level anti-diuretic hormone ADH, which leads to water retention. Control your stress level to manage ADH balance and shed water weight. There are many things you can focus to de-stress.
stress free

6. Say No To Processed Foods:

You are what you eat. It never changes. The choice of food and diet you follow directly reflects in your health. Salt is a natural preservative. Obviously, sodium is the main ingredient in preservatives. Higher sodium intake is often related to frequent or regular consumption of processed foods, frozen foods, chips, pickles, sauces, condiments and generally the fast foods. While these are convenient, they are packed with high sodium as preservatives. Besides, food additives and artificial flavorings also come with high sodium quantity. Try to avoid packaged and processed foods for two to three days. You will find a leap of difference in how you look.
Say no to processed foods

7. Do A Little Exercise:

If you wish to shed water weight fast and prevent fluid retention, do a little exercise. Exercise works directly and gives immediately result. When you work out, you are likely to sweat out a lot, which reduces the levels of bodily fluids. Exercises also nourish your skin and reduce the bloated outlook. Just a short session of moderate to intense exercise decrease bloating, puffiness and shed water weight.


8. Include Water Based Fruits And Vegetables And Herbs:

Sometimes, drinking sufficient water may not be sufficient to shed water weight. Your cells and tissues need extra moisture to stay hydrated. Eat a lot of water based fruits and vegetables. Water melon, melons, cucumber, squash etc are few you can count on. Besides, alternative medicines recommend you to include herbs like parsley, fennel, nettle, rosemary, horsetail etc in your diet frequently to regulate the water imbalance.
water based fruits and vegetables and herbs
At the end of the day, you may have to focus on what increases water weight. If you cannot shed water weight, seek proper medical attention.