8 Incredible Ways To Use Almond Oil To Eliminate Dark Circles


Ways To Use Almond Oil To Eliminate Dark Circles

Almond oil is obtained from the seed of the peach fruit which is called almond. The almond seeds are either sold with their shells intact or without them. Majority portion of the almond seed contains the oil which is called almond oil; this almond oil is super-rich in nutrients like healthy fat variants, good fibre, some phytochemical agents, abundant vitamins, and a lot of beneficial minerals. Almond oil is also very rich in vitamin E, and important nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus and copper which are important for the overall well-being.

We Are Specifically Listing Down The 8 Incredible Ways To Use Almond Oil Specially To Eliminate Dark Circles; Have A Look:

1. Cool Almond Oil Massage

The simplest yet effective way of almond oil application to reduce dark circles is by massaging the oil under your eyes for 2-3 minutes and to leave it overnight. Applying cool almond oil helps to reduce the puffiness under the eyes and gives a nice soothing effect. You can keep some almond oil in the fridge for 20 minutes or so and then gently massage it under your eyes. For best results make this a routine and massage every night; as well as eat 5-6 almonds daily every morning. The vitamin E rich almond oil will efficiently eliminate your dark circles.

Cool Almond Oil Massage

2. Almond Oil With Honey

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and other nutrients; honey is an anti-inflammatory agent and is also very nourishing. When these two agents are combined and applied under the eyes, there is an instant effect seen in the appearance of dark circles. There is a visible benefit observed within 6-7 days of application. Massage the mixture of honey and almond oil daily at night for few minutes and wash it off with cool water for best results.

Almond Oil With Honey

3. Almond Oil With Paste Of Avocado

Avocado is rich in vitamin E and vitamin K; it also contains healthy fats as well as it excellently moisturises the skin. Avocados are also known to improve blood circulation. These properties when merge with the benefits of almond oil, your dark circles disappear in no time. You need to make a thick paste of the avocado fruit and add 5-10 drops of almond oil to it with continuous mixing; apply this smooth paste under your eyes and keep for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off after 15 minutes; for best of the best results apply daily.

Almond Oil With Paste Of Avocado

4. Almond Oil With Turmeric

Turmeric improves blood circulation as well as it is anti-inflammatory in nature. Turmeric also contains high level of antioxidants and so it helps to reduce dark circles. For application under the eyes you need to mix turmeric powder with almond oil so as to form a very smooth paste. Apply it daily under your eyes at night time and rinse with cool water after 15 minutes. With this routine in place you wouldn’t need any cream or treatment to treat your dark circles.

Almond Oil With Turmeric

5. Almond Oil And Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is rich in antioxidants and is a good bleaching agent. Mix freshly extracted lemon juice with some almond oil or a freshly made paste of almonds and apply it generously under your eyes. Make sure you avoid any contact with the eyes. Keep it for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Apply some ice under your eyes to remove the puffiness and pat dry.

Almond Oil And Lemon Juice

6. Almond Oil With Potato Juice

The blend of potato juice or potato paste and almond oil is the perfect blend to eliminate dark circles. Potato is an excellent bleaching agent whereas almond oil provides all the necessary nourishment. To make the under eye pack you need to make a thick paste of potato, make sure you don’t remove its peel as it’s the most effective portion, and mix the paste with 8-10 drops of almond oil. Mix to form smooth paste and apply under your eyes daily.

Almond Oil With Potato Juice

7. Almond Oil & Milk Powder

A paste of milk powder and almond oil proves to be very beneficial in removing dark circles. This combination is very commonly used in a number of marketed beauty products as well and its benefits are well known.

Almond Oil & Milk Powder

8. Almond Oil With Coconut Oil

To reduce dark circles a blend of almond oil with other oils is really effective. You can blend almond oil with coconut oil; as alternatives you may also use castor oil or virgin olive oil.

Almond Oil With Coconut Oil

The most important benefits of almond oil include strengthening of immunity, improved heart health, anti-inflammation, protection against cancer, and so on. In addition to the general health benefits of almond oil; it has a number of beauty benefits as well. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which heals skin infections; almond oil also soothes, moisturises and nourishes the skin which keeps it healthy and youthful. The list of benefits of almond oil is simply never ending.