8 Homemade Smoothing Serum Recipes For Soft And Silky Arms And Legs

Homemade Smoothing Serum Recipes For Soft And Silky Arms And Legs

A glorious and super smooth skin is the desire of all us women! We love those super smooth arms and legs which would simply feel velvety smooth and adorable! If you are also the one who keep flipping for the best remedies which can get you adorable and super smooth skin, we understand your wish for gorgeous skin and this present some awesome serums which can get you glorious skin in no time! Skin is a very delicate and sensitive organ which requires pampering and lots of care.

You can feed your skin with super nourishing ingredients and get gorgeous and velvety soft skin as results! Here are some cool serum recipes which you can prepare at home using all the natural ingredients and get flawless skin.

Consider Any Of These Recipes And Brighten Up Your Skin As Never Before.

1. Coconut Oil Sugar And Lemon:

We love this cool serum prepared from all the loved natural ingredients which would never fail to make the skin glorious and stunning! This mesmerizing mask has awesome skin smoothening properties which would never fail to make your skin gorgeous! This amazing serum can get prepared using coconut oil, sugar and lemon juice. The cleansing properties o lemon juice, smoothness and nourishment of coconut oil and sugar would enrich your skin making it super smooth and velvety soft.
Coconut oil sugar and lemon

2. Vitamin E Oil Jojoba Oil:

The essential oil serums are the best for any kind of skin treatments! If your skin feels dry and itchy, you can use this ultra nourishing serum which can get flawless results on your skin! If you are planning to visit a night party and want to wear a short sleeveless dress, go for this amazing recipe which would get you instant smoothness and enviable results! Mix some vitamin e oil, jojoba oil and apply this serum on your arms and legs for adorably bright and smooth skin!

Vitamin e oil jojoba oil

3. Shea Butter And Almond Oil:

The body butters are best options for preparing a cool serum which can make your skin beautifully smooth and lavishing! Prepare a mixture of these cool ingredients and apply the serum on your arms and legs. This ultimate smoothening and glorious oil mixture would never fail to make your skin supple, bright and adorable! This s one of the awesome serums which you must try!

Shea butter and almond oil

4. Egg White Grape Seed Oil:

If you are looking forward to make your skin spotless, cleansed and smooth, this season try this ultimate serum recipe which can simply wok miracles on your skin! This brightening and skin soothing recipe would get you stunning outcomes! Mix some egg white and grape seed oil and apply this glorious serum on your legs and arms daily. Using this adorable mask everyday would get you unbelievable and smooth skin in no time!

Egg white grape seed oil

5. Cinnamon Milk And Honey Serum:

Milk and honey is a combination which can work wonders on your skin! This adorable serum has numerous nourishing and deep conditioning properties which can retain the skin moisture and get you dazzling skin! Cinnamon would simply remove all the dirt and impurities while making your skin ultra smooth! Apply this awesome serum on your skin and get fall in love with your skin again!

Cinnamon milk and honey serum

6. Avocado Oil And Honey Serum:

Avocado oil is alone of the most supremely nourishing ingredients which can condition your skin and make it gorgeous! With the richness of avocado oil and honey, this mask would make the skin glorious and iconic! Apply this skin smoothing serum daily on your arms and legs and nothing would work as miraculously as this mixture! Apply this awesome mask and take people’s breath away with that mind blowing skin!

Avocado oil and honey serum

7. Lavender Oil And Rosehip Oil Serum:

The essential oils are natural beauty boons for ladies! The amazing essential oils would simply never fail to make your skin glamorous and super smooth! They can beautify and nourish your skin and repair the skin suffering from any damage! Mix lavender oil with a tingling and lucrative fragrance along with the rose ship oil which has uncountable benefits over the skin and get dazzling results in no time!

Lavender oil and rosehip oil serum

8. Almond Oil Sugar Serum:

Sugar is a beautiful hydrating ingredient which can retain the moisture and smoothness of skin making it feel so soft! Along with almond oil, this extremely nourishing ingredient would simply work miracles o your skin! This flawless mixture of almond oil and sugar would work as a super hydrating mask for your skin and would rejuvenate it! Apply this brightening and adorable mask on your legs and arms regularly for clear, clean and velvety soft skin in just a few applications!

Almond oil sugar serum

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