8 Home Remedies For Poor Circulation


Home Remedies For Poor Circulation

The blood reaches hands and legs due to the exertion and hard work done by the heart. When the patient suffers from the problem of poor circulation, the limbs fail to get adequate amount of blood. You can have spider veins due to poor circulation. You can have numbness and cold feeling in the fingers. Poor circulation can be due to taking tobacco and alcohol, which block the oxygen flow to the limbs. The fingers and toes can become blue to this. Poor circulation can be due to lung and heart diseases.


People who take caffeine and suffer from kidney disease can also have poor circulation. Stress causes neck and shoulder spasms, due to which the nerves are pinched and the blood flow to arms and hands is blocked. You must try home remedies for poor circulation. The following home remedies for poor circulation will help you in curing the condition.

Various Home Remedies For Poor Circulation

1. Massage With Essential Oils

People who have poor circulation should massage the body with essential oils. Ensure that the oil is warm. You can use essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender oils.The essential oil increases the softness of the skin. The skin becomes supple due to the use of these oils. The essential oils increase the internal warmth by passing heat in the internal tissue layers.

Massage With Essential Oils

2. Heat And Cold Application

Alternate application of heat and cold can help in curing poor circulation. If the fingers become blue, you can apply heat on them. Heat application will cause dilation of blood vessels and it improves the blood flow to the limbs. If you feel cold, apply heat to the feet with hot water bottle. Keep the body warm by wearing socks.


Heat And Cold Application

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne spice is very good for circulatory system. Cayenne pepper dilates blood vessels and increases the blood flow. It stimulates the heart to improve blood circulation. It makes the arteries strong so that there is improvement in the blood circulation.You can take cayenne pepper as capsule. You can also mix it with lukewarm water and drink it. You should also eat onion and garlic as it is very good for heart and nervous system.


Cayenne Pepper

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4. Relaxation Techniques

People who have poor circulation should take help of relaxation techniques like meditation, which improves the power of concentration. It reduces stress and relaxes the body. It causes dilation of blood vessels, which increases the blood flow in the body. You can also relax by listening to music. Music has a soothing effect on the body. It decreases stress and uplifts the mood.


Relaxation Techniques

5. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy can help in curing poor circulation problem. Hydrotherapy is a method of treatment in which water is used for increasing the blood flow. You can take shower with hot and cold water. You should let the water to fall on body parts affected by poor circulation.Warm water increases the blood flow in the affected areas. After exposing the body to warm water, you should expose the body to cold water. This will cause the blood to flow to internal body parts.


6. Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

Avoid alcohol or take it in moderate amount. Quit smoking. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which can cause poor circulation. When you quit smoking, stress will not affect heart and lungs. It will increase your lifespan and your circulatory system will be improved.

 Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

7. Diet Remedies

People who suffer from poor circulation should take a healthy diet. You should eat foods that contain fiber. Include fruits and vegetables in the diet. Oranges are very good fruits for poor circulation. You should eat fruits that contain bioflavonoids. You should eat watermelon and other fruits that contain lycopene as it prevents the formation of plaque, which is one of the main reasons of blood flow obstruction.

Drink lots of water. Take coffee and tea in limited amounts. Control the level of cholesterol by avoiding fatty foods. Take foods like fish that contain omega 3 fats. Eat nuts that contain Vitamin B3 as it improves blood circulation.

 Diet Remedies

8. Exercises

Correct alignment of the spine is necessary as it helps in preventing tension in the back. It helps in the correct circulation in hands and legs. You should do stretching exercises that can increase the muscle tone and circulation. Choose exercises like yoga that are gentle.

For increasing the circulation in hands, you should stretch the arms. Extend arms in the front in straight direction. You should also do wrist rotation, ten times each in clockwise as well as anticlockwise direction. You should do blood circulation exercises.You can learn these exercises from a doctor or physiotherapist. Walking and swimming are good ways to exercise the body. Avoid staying in the same position for a long time. If you have to work on a desk for a long time, you should get up in every one hour and stretch the legs.