8 Essential Tips For Skin Care During Winter

Skin Care During Winter

Winter can cause extensive damage to your skin. The chilly air outside, combined with the dry heat in your residence can cause the skin to become dry. If you wish to look your best during this winter, it is advisable to start taking care of your skin right now. There is no need to make any drastic change; however, by following these 8 essential tips you will be able to get perfect skin.

The 8 Tips For Skin Care During Winter Are:


If you are not in the habit of using moisturizers, you better start doing it now. In case you find that your skin is still cracked and dry after using a moisturizer, you may try applying it more frequently in order to get the desired result. Otherwise, you might also try a more effective moisturizer. As a matter of fact, ointments are more effectual than creams, and creams are better moisturizers than lotions. Apply moisturizer to your face and any other exposed area before going outside. Also, do not forget to moisturize your skin after taking a bath, preferably within a few minutes.


Protect Yourself From The Sun:

We are all aware of the fact that the ultraviolet rays of the sun are very damaging to our skin during summer; however, it can also cause extensive damage to the skin during winter. Therefore, you must try to avoid exposing yourself to the sun in the winter months. It is easier to accomplish this during winter because winter garments usually cover up most of our skin; nevertheless, ensure to apply sunscreen to your face or use cosmetics which contain sunscreen. Cover your lips with a lipstick or lip balm which has sunscreen. Also, ensure to apply moisturizing sunscreen to other parts of your body in case they are exposed.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

Fight Flakiness:

Often the weather is responsible for your dry and flaky skin. The heated air inside and the cold air outside can leave your skin dry by robbing it of moisture. In order to get a brighter and smoother complexion it is recommended to exfoliate about 4 times a week. There are 2 types of exfoliants for being the job namely chemical exfoliants and mechanical exfoliants. The chemical exfoliants consist of enzymes or hydroxy acids which are capable of dissolving dead skin cells. The mechanical exfoliants, on the other hand, contain tiny bits which scrub off the dead cells while you rub them over the skin. It is advisable to use a micro-exfoliating scrub in case your skin is quite sensitive because it is a gentler method for removing dry skin.

Fight Flakiness

Assess Your Skin Care Products:

Take inventory of those products which you use for skin care. Products containing tretinoin can prove to be harmful to your skin by making it more vulnerable to sunburn. In case any skin product which you use contain sloughing agents such as alpha-hydroxy acids, it is better to use a gentler product in order to avoid aggravating your dry skin during winter. However, make sure to exfoliate gently so that your skin is able to absorb more moisturizer.
During winter, you should try to evade harsh chemical masks and pills, as well as, alcohol-based products. Instead, you may try alcohol-free toners, mild cleansers, and hydrating masks.

Assess Your Skin Care Products

Avoid Central Heating:

Everybody switches on the central heating during winter. You will definitely feel warm and comfortable, but the heating can cause a drop in the humidity level which will dry out the skin and affect your health in an adverse way. One solution to prevent this would be to purchase an air humidifier. It can be costly; however, there is one more solution for you. You can decorate your home with plants which will not only make your house look more attractive, but will also help to oxygenate the air within in your residence. One more alternative is to fill a bowl with water and place it near a radiator.

Avoid Central Heating

Shower Only Once In A Day Using Warm Water:

During summer, we usually take shower quite a few times throughout the day to keep cool. However, bathing more than once can wash away nutrients from your skin. During winter, avoid taking baths more than once in a day. The ideal time to go under the shower would be 1 hour before going to bed. Use warm water for bathing so that the natural oils do not get drained. Use a soft towel to dry off after taking your bath.

Shower Only Once In A Day Using Warm Water

Stay Away From Chemical-filled Soaps:

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and also is highly permeable which means that whatever you apply on your skin will go into your body, as well as, your bloodstream. Besides this, antibacterial soaps, fragrance-filled soaps, and skin care products which contain alcohol can eliminate natural oils from your skin. It is advisable to opt for natural and organic soaps and choose essential oils instead of fragrances.

Stay Away From Chemical-filled Soaps

Consume Vegetables:

Consumption of cucumbers and celery is very useful for keeping your skin hydrated due to their rich content of water. Orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, red peppers, and pumpkin contain antioxidants and beta-carotene which are great for the skin. You can also add spinach and other leafy vegetables to your plate to enhance your intake of omega-3s and iron, in addition to vitamins A, B and E.

Consume Vegetables