8 DIY Flat Belly Diet That Really Works


Everyone wants to get a flat belly and avoid the flab but it is not really easy. For getting a flat belly you have to ensure that you are doing exercises along with following a stringent and vigorous diet routine. This is a fat belly diet that makes use of everyday ingredients that aid in losing weight from the tummy area. The best part is that you can easily follow it and continue the same for a longer time. When you do chose to leave the diet, make sure you do so gradually else it will lead to sudden stomach problems-

Here Are The List Of 8 DIY Flat Belly Diet That Really Works

Start Your Day With 1 litre Water

The first thing that you should do post getting up in the morning is consume 1 litre of water. This is recommended for everyone because water is a zero calorie drink. It means that when you drink water, you are not really adding any calories to your body. In simple terms, you can drink all the water that you want, and not worry about weight gain. Rather it keeps you fuller and thus helps in weight loss. Water helps kickstart your metabolism. It is easy to digest and helps metabolism pacing and thus aids in weight loss. Eating high carb and starchy foods along with fried ones leads to weight gain and reduced speed of metabolism. But water on the contrary helps in weight loss.

Drink Water

Eat A Banana Or Apple

You probably want to exercise before you head to work and eating a banana or an apple is recommended. Most guides suggest losing weight quickly is by combining dieting with exercises. Eating fruit on empty stomach does not lead to weight gain rather helps in weight loss because of improved metabolism. In fact, if you have fruits instead of having snacks or other foods, you can trigger weight loss. Both these fruits are rich in iron, which is essential for belly fat loss.


Have A Balanced And Wholesome Breakfast

For breakfast, you should make sure that you are eating a wholesome and balanced meal. So you have to make sure there is something starchy and with carbs here. So opt for oats/ wholemeal bread/ semolina/ quinoa for sure. To this you can add your choice of vegetables. For non vegetarians, egg white based dishes are highly recommended for the added proteins. Along with this, some fresh fruit and a bowl of yogurt or buttermilk are a must. Avoid butter and have olive oil.


Mid Morning

In the mid morning meal, you can have some green or black tea here. It is ideally suggested that you avoid the same at breakfast since you are concentrating more on nutrition. But for mid morning, it is vital to have something that keeps your belly feel fuller, without adding calories. Both green tea and black tea without sugar does the trick here. You can consider an oatmeal cookie, but it is best avoided.

Green Tea

Lunch For Flat Belly

A fat belly diet lunch comprises of more fibres and some healthier proteins. Now is the time to indulge in salads filled with lettuce, celery, etc. that are rich in fibres and also aid in reducing the stomach. You can have a choice of some grilled lean meat here or fish to get a share of protein. For vegetarians, brown rice is a good lunch option with legumes or some stew. If you are keeping it really light, a yogurt smoothie and brown bread sandwich can also the do the trick.


4 – 5 PM Hunger Pang

At this point of time, you should consider another cup of tea. However, avoid the coffee because it really contains too much sugar and milk, both of which are known to increase belly fat. You may consider a cup of black coffee though. Along with this, have a piece of fruit that you like say guava or even some berries, which are excellent ways of reducing belly fat.



This is a meal that you should be most careful with. Post this meal, people go to sleep, which means less burning of calories. So make sure you have dinner at least 2 hours before bed time. Ideally, have a nice and wholesome soup prior to starting your meal. This will provide you with added nutrition, without making your belly swell up. It is also the time to lighten up the salt. For dinner stick to lightly grilled vegetables, chicken or cottage cheese variations. A light piece of carb like brown bread or pasta is alright, but rice should be avoided.



Finally, finish off with a dessert that could be yogurt gelato or just some fresh fruits or a sorbet. Don’t have sugar at night because it will hamper sleep and lead to added belly fat. So enjoy this fat belly diet and get a leaner tummy!