8 DIY Body Wash Recipes For Soft And Supple Skin


DIY Body Wash Recipes For Soft And Supple Skin

Each skin type varies; some of them are soft and subtle while the others may be rough and tough and therefore such different categories require different types of body washes to keep it glowing and shiny. Many of us may prefer to go out in the market and buy the requisites irrespective of what our skin needs and to add to that, many body washes present in the market may not be very helpful as the presence of chemicals and unwanted ingredients might end up doing more harm than good. Nevertheless, worry not as there are some tricks that might help you solving this issue. It would e pertinent to mention that liquid soap, possibly mild in nature is a common ingredient as it helps in converting the mixture into a body wash and has no side effects a compared to soaps that might leave the skin high and dry.

Some Ways By Which You Can Prepare Body Washes Right At Your Home According To The Necessities Of Your Skin Type Are Mentioned Below As The Following:

1. Rose Petal Body Wash

Ingredients Required:

7-8 Rose Petals
½ cup of Coconut Oil
1 tablespoon of brown sugar

In this, take a jar with some coconut oil and mix it with rose petals (red or pink) and some brown sugar along with castile liquid soap. Take some time to mix these 4 well and shake the same regularly see them blend well. This works effectively on dry skin but the difference in your skin will be very quickly noticed as the dry parts are well moisturized soon. This solution is recommended for sensitive skin.

Rose Petal Body Wash

2. Coconut Oil Body Wash

Ingredients Required:

1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
Brown Sugar and Vanilla

Mix the 3 ingredients in equal proportion well enough and let it mix by leaving it dfor a day and a half before adding soap and shake thoroughly for the mixture to become a body wash.Although this takes up more time than the usual, for sensitive skin types, this is one of the best ways to get your clear skin back. This,again is highly suitable for the sensitive types of skin.

Coconut Oil Body Wash

3. Salt And Honey Body Wash

Ingredients Required:

½ cup salt
½ cup honey

Not all body washes are only meant for soft skin and hence, one for the dry and flaky ones as well. Mix the two along with liquid soap and add water as per thickness of the body wash that you desire. This basic solution helps in nurturing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. The antibacterial properties present in honey can be another positive for dry skin and helps in growing the damaged parts quickly.

Salt And Honey Body Wash

4. Coffee Body Wash

Ingredients Required:

½ a cup of coffee
Some essence oil
1 tablespoon sugar & vanilla extracts

Crush and mix coffee with an essence oil, let us say almond essence oil for about 15 mins and then add the other two ingredients until all of them mix well to form a semi solid paste. Once this is made add the soapy solution and shake well before you use it.This can be effective against the hard skin areas such as heels, backs of your arms and knees. Wash well after 15-20 minutes to see the dirt being taken away while the dry parts are left with some important moisture retention.

Coffee Body Wash

5. Rice Body Wash

Ingredients Required:

1 cup Rice
½ cup milk

Add rice and milk and crush the same until all the particles are transformed into semi solid paste. Add the foam solution and henceforth this can be applied directly on your skin. This helps in exfoliation and allows the new cells from underneath to evolve by removing the old dead cells (which are the major reason for dried and flaky skin).

Rice Body Wash

6. Tomato Juice Body Wash

Ingredients required:

2-4 tomatoes
½ tablespoon lavender essence

This one may be the easiest of all washes that are mentioned. Mash 2-4 tomatoes and add some lavender essence oil in it. Leave the mix for about 45 minutes in the sun and then again blend well. This will provide thickness to the paste which can be easily added to the foam. This acts best against tanned skin, thus important during the upcoming summers.

Tomato Juice Body Wash

7. Cucumber And Aloe Vera

The two are very rich in cooling properties. The gel from the stem of the aloe vera plant along with mashed cucumber if mixed well can give you the mixture that can be added to the castile soap solution resulting in a great body wash for cooling the skin.

Cucumber And Aloe Vera

8. Avocado Body Wash

Avocado, not many of us may have noticed is present in most of the body washes sold in the market. Mash a ripped avocado and add some crushed almonds and castile soap. Let the tree blend well by shaking the solution in regular intervals. Smooth and shiny skin will be the end result if used on consistent basis.

Avocado Body Wash