8 Best Home Remedies For Gallbladder Disorders


Home Remedies For Gallbladder Disorders Gallbladder aids in digestion by holding the digestive bile in it and then releasing it into small intestine to digest the food materials. Irrespective of the minuscule function of this tiny organ, it can develop serious disorders, the most common of which is gallstone. Detection of gallstones is very difficult and it often goes unnoticed because gallstone attack or pain mimic those of heart attack.

But once detected, gallbladder disorders such as gallstones should be treated immediately to prevent further diseases like cystitis. Home remedies tend to be the most popular first line of treatment for gallbladder disorders. Here are some of the best home remedies for gallbladder disorders. Make sure that you opt for these remedies only with prior consultation of the doctor.

Home Remedies For Gallbladder Disorders


Turmeric For Gallbladder Disorders Turmeric contains an active agent called curcumin that substantially increases solubility of the bile thereby enabling it to dissolve easily. It is congestion of either the liver or bile produced by the liver that leads to formation of gallstones.Turmeric has been proven to eliminate gallstones effectively within few weeks of consuming it. Regular consumption of turmeric prevents formation of gallstones at all. Turmeric has been proven to be effective in flushing out gallstones too. This is done by reducing the size of gallstones.

5 Herbal Remedies For Gallstones
Effective Herbal Remedies For Gallstones

Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil For Gallbladder Disorders One of the easiest and effective home remedies for gallbladder disorders is castor oil pack. Soak a rag in cold-pressed and pure castor oil. Squeeze out the excess castor oil from the rag. Place the treated rag over the gallbladder area. Cover the treated rag with plastic and place a hot water bag over it. Keep the temperature of hot water bag as high as possible.Let it be there for at least 30 minutes. This transdermal treatment would neutralize the inflammation caused by gallstones. Castor oil packs also minimize the existing gallstones and reduce their number.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice For Gallbladder Disorders Lemon juice keeps bile healthy and reduces viscosity of the bile. Sipping lemon juice during a gallstone attack, which is usually accompanied with acute pain, can be rather very comforting. Cut one half of lemon, squeeze the juice out of it, add 6oz of water to it, and drink it over half an hour. If you feel that pain has subsided, keep drinking the juice.In fact, combination of lemon juice with olive oil is used for gallbladder cleansing. This combination would dissolve the present gallstones enough to be expelled during bowel movement the next day. However, one should be aware of the side effects of this gallbladder cleanse that include nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.


Recent studies prove that regular intake of coffee, more precisely caffeinated coffee, reduces the risk of having gallstones. Men, especially, who are in the habit if drinking at least 3 cups of caffeinated coffee daily are at lower risk of having gallstones and other gallbladder disorders.It is because of the caffeine content in coffee that promotes bile flow and helps in dissolving gallstones. However, drinking tea containing caffeine does not have similar beneficial effect on gallstones.

Coffee For Gallbladder Disorders Apple Cider Vinegar

It is highly regarded as an effective home remedy for gallbladder disorders. This is because apple cider vinegar contains high amounts (perhaps the highest) of malic acid. Malic acid breaks down the gallstones and dissolves them so that they could be flushed out naturally during bowel movement. Apple juice is a good alternative to apple cider vinegar for treating gallbladder disorders.Apple juice will have added advantage of liver detoxifying phytonutrients such as antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. But diabetics cannot take apple juice on a regular basis for gallstone flush since it contains high amounts of sugar.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Gallbladder Disorders Pear Juice

The active agent in pear juice is pectin that is widely held to be effective in removing gallstones. Pectin binds to the gallstones that are filled with cholesterol and hence aid in their expulsion from the body. In addition, pear juice contains malic acid that thins down bile juice.Malic acid also helps in breaking down the gallstones but at a very slow rate. It is one of the seminal ingredients in a gallbladder cleanse that would also include oils and some herbs. However, pear juice would not prevent occurrence of gallstones.

Pear Juice For Gallbladder Disorders Red Bell Pepper

Red bell pepper contains vitamin C prevents formation of gallstones. A single red bell pepper contains as high as 95mg of vitamin C.Recommended dosage of vitamin C for treatment of gallbladder disorders is 60mg per day for people above the age of 15 years. Adequate levels of vitamin C in the diet can reduce occurrence of gallstones and pain associated with them.

Red Bell Pepper For Gallbladder Disorders Exercise

Regular exercise reduces occurrence of gallstones by aiding in reverse circulation of blood cholesterol to the liver. Regular exercise also increases production of bile acids that would attack on excess cholesterol and make them soluble.Half an hour exercise daily would prevent occurrence of gallstones altogether. Exercise also reduces chances of obesity which again is linked to prevalence of gallbladder disorders in huge number of cases.

Exercise Reduce Gallbladder Disorders