8 Best Food To Cure Bronchitis


Best Food To Cure Bronchitis Bronchitis is a condition induced by viral infection and results in the inflammation of the lungs. Persistent cough – wet or dry – lasting up to at least 2 days is the primary symptom of bronchitis.

Apart from the usually prescribed antibiotics for bronchitis, doctors suggest the patients to take ample rest. However, there are certain foods that actually accelerate the healing process. Here are some of the best foods to cure bronchitis.

Food To Cure Bronchitis


Garlic Reduce Bronchitis Someone suffering from bronchitis must include garlic in the diet. Garlic has natural antibiotic action that destroys viral as well as bacterial cells. Also, garlic contains quercetin that prevents production of the very enzyme responsible for inflammation of lungs i.e. lipoxygenase.Including garlic in the diet also ensures speedy recovery from the disease. You can use garlic cloves while preparing your dishes or eat a raw garlic clove simply.


onions Onions are natural expectorants and greatly reduce the mucus formed by bronchitis and the congestion thereof. Onions too can be used in various manners – raw, cooked or baked.You can also add onions to your regular soup and get quick relief from bronchitis symptoms.


Almonds Reduce Bronchitis Rich in essential vitamins and other nutrients, almonds cure variety of diseases and improve overall health. They are rich sources of magnesium, potassium and calcium and hence are good for respiratory health. You can have almonds in various form.You can crunch on them, grate them and add them to your puddings and salads or simple roast them with a coating of honey, which is also good for bronchitis.


Mushroom Reduce Bronchitis All the major varieties of mushrooms – shiitake, maitake and reishi – are good remedies for bronchitis. Mushrooms prevent damage to the lung tissues caused by bronchitis. They also speed up the recovery process. Further, mushrooms contain lentian – a chemical responsible for boosting immune system.Lentian chemical aids the body in destruction of viral cells. Lentian also has strong antioxidant properties that prevent further damage to tissues of the lungs brought upon by free radicals.

Juniper Berries

Juniper Berries Reduce Bronchitis Juniper berries have strong expectorant action and help in a great manner to loose congestion caused by bronchitis. The distinct aroma of juniper berries when added to hot water for steam inhalation greatly relieves symptoms of bronchitis.However, people complaining of high blood pressure, kidney disorders, diabetes, etc. should consult the doctor prior to their use.


Peppermint contains menthol that has amazing decongestant properties and helps in thinning mucus that build up in the lungs owing to bronchitis.Menthol breaks down the mucus and discards it from the body by producing productive cough. Peppermint tea and candies are easily available at health food stores and over the counter.

Peppermint Reduce Bronchitis Lemons

Lemons relieve the respiratory system from undesirable mucus and bacteria that cause infection. Hence, lemons are one of the great foods that should be included in the diet of a bronchitis patient.Lemons are also rich in vitamin C that naturally boosts the immune system. Regular consumption of lemon tea relieves the lungs from phlegm.

Lemons Reduce Bronchitis Alfalfa

The active agent in alfalfa sprouts is chlorophyll that helps in proper circulation of blood to the lungs. Chlorophyll also speeds up the recovery process.Besides chlorophyll, alfalfa is also rich in vitamin C that naturally boosts the immune system. Alfalfa also has strong antioxidant actions that prevent damage to lung tissues from free radicals.

Alfalfa Reduce Bronchitis