8 Amazing Magnesium Rich Foods

Amazing Magnesium Rich Foods
Magnesium nourishes nerve tissues and brain. It acts as the great vitalizer of bones, muscular and lung tissues. This element works with other elements such as calcium, phosphorous etc and makes the skull, teeth and bones harder. It offers elasticity to the muscles. It supports normal activity in the day time and sleep during the night. This mineral is highly effective in reducing the occurrence of fever. It also soothes the pain. A person can gain relief from auto-intoxication and jaundice with the help of this element. It is very effective in balancing the other minerals. It tends to make the body alkaline. People need magnesium in order to keep insanity, headaches and constipation at bay. Poor magnesium levels in the body leads to the issues of inflamed tissues. Similarly, inadequate magnesium levels in the body also result in drying up of the tissues in the body. Acid people require magnesium.

Magnesium Can Be Found In Following Foods:

1. Tomatoes:

It is a known fact that tomatoes are rich in iron, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, riboflavin, thiamin and the Lycopene. But tomatoes consist of magnesium as well. [1]Because of presence of all these nutrients, the consumption of fresh tomatoes is highly useful for the overall health.

2. Carrots:

Carrots are highly popular for their high content of beta-carotene. [2]With the beta-carotene, carrots work wonder in improving the eye vision. But, carrots offer magnesium also to your body. Therefore prefer consuming carrots on the daily basis for keeping magnesium deficiency at bay.

3. Almonds:

Another important dietary source of magnesium is almonds. [3]Magnesium in almonds works miracles in offering elasticity to the muscles. It also works great in nourishing your brain. Consume almonds on the daily basis for keeping the issues related to constipation, headaches, and insanity at bay.

4. Green Peas:

Green peas are another wonderful food source that comes to your rescue for reducing the magnesium deficiency.[4] In fact, green peas are highly familiar as a wonderful source of protein and fiber. Similarly, they are also good source of magnesium. Include green peas in your daily diet for noticing their amazing health benefits.

Green Peas

5. Bananas:

Bananas are highly recommended for keeping the symptoms of constipation at bay. [5]Magnesium in banana is highly capable in regularizing your bowel movements. This amazing fruit is very beneficial for the muscle contraction and proper functioning of the nervous system. Therefore, consume bananas on the daily basis.

6. Oranges:

Another fantastic fruit from which you can get magnesium is orange.[6] Oranges are also highly capable in giving you relief from constipation. Magnesium in oranges vitalizes your bones. Magnesium in oranges vitalizes the lung tissues as well. The intake of orange reduces the chances of lung cancer. Additionally, the high intake of oranges is very effective in healing bronchitis, asthma, and gum disease.

7. Brazil Nuts:

Brazil nuts gained a lot of popularity due to their high content of selenium which lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer.[7] Brazil nuts nourish your body with the magnesium also. Try to eat brazil nuts frequently.

Brazil Nuts
8. Pineapple:

The delicious and yummy pineapple consists of magnesium.[8] Many people enjoy consuming this fruit because of its taste. But, the health benefits offered by the pineapple are myriad. This fruit helps for proper digestion. The intake of this fruit is very effective in supporting the immune system. It also promotes the cardiovascular health. One of the major advantages of consumption of pineapple is protecting the eyes from the development of the macular degeneration.