7 Warning Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation

Warning Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is extremely important for the proper functioning and smoothness of the body. Blood reaches to each and every part of the body and improves its functioning. If blood circulation is poor, your body can suffer from various disease and conditions. Blood carried oxygen to all the parts of your body which is very important for the growth and development of your body. If the blood circulation is poor, your body would stay undernourished in some areas. With degrading health conditions, this can cause numerous problems for a person. This is a common condition which can be identified by various signs and symptoms. If you feel that your blood circulation has been reduced, here are some of the sign which you need to check.

Get Consultation Of Your Doctor If You Are Suffering From All These Issues As They Indicate Poor Blood Circulation!

1. Loss Of Appetite

This is a very general and common condition. Sometimes due to hormonal changes, due to cold, cough and fever, you can lose your appetite. But if this happens constantly, and your appetite feels lost forever this is a sign of low blood circulation. Your digestive system and metabolic system also requires enough blood circulation and of they are deprived off form it, the nutrients from the food won’t get absorbed causing stomach issues and loss of appetite!

Loss Of Appetite

2. Digestive Issues

If you are suffering from constipation, gas, upset stomach and such digestive issues, it can showcase that you have a poor blood circulation. The digestive system requires blood and oxygen to perform the digestion process. If your body has poor blood circulation, it can refrain from absorbing the necessary nutrients and your food won’t digest properly.

Digestive Issues

3. Weak Immune System

The immune system is the core of the body. It fights various disease and such conditions to enter the body. If you are suffering from lack of blood circulation, your body won’t be able to generate the minerals and nutrients which can fight disease. You would get ill frequently and your body won’t be able to protect you from the disease.

Weak Immune System

4. Coldness In Body

Your body feels cold and extremely jammed in certain times. Blood circulation makes the blood flow and gives warmth to your body if you have poor blood circulation, the blood flow would get restricted which can cause cold. The body parts like your feet fist and hands would feel extremely cold than the rest of your body.

Coldness In Body

5. Change In Skin Color

If your skin becomes bluish or purplish, it means that your blood circulation is poor. The skin requires blood and oxygen to look nourished, fresh and normal. If enough amount of blood is not circulated in the body, the skin tone can change into blue or purple due to lack of proper blood flow!

Change In Skin Color

6. Dark Under Eye Circles

This is one of the most common signs which showcases that you have low blood circulation. The dark under eye circles reflect the poor circulation of blood which causes swelling, bagginess and darkness under the eyes. This is a common condition which shows low blood circulation.

Dark Under Eye Circles

7. Frequent Hair And Nail Breakage

Your skin, hair and nails require constant nourishment. Just like the body if the hair and nails won’t get proper blood, they may become brittle. If your nails and hair are not stronger, you have hair issues like hair fall and brittle hair, this shows your blood circulation is poor and you need to get it cured!

Frequent Hair And Nail Breakage