7 Warning Signs Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Warning Signs Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma cancer is a kind of skin cancer which gets reflected over the skin in the form of marks, patches, red blemishes and such conditions. These marks are painful and itchy. This may end up into melanoma cancer or any such kind of skin cancer. If you have such patches and marks over your skin, it must never be ignored as they can lead to harmful and later stages of cancer which are extremely tough to cure. These signs are generally different from the regular marks and blemishes you get due to different reasons and thus, it important to keep examining your skin for such impairments. If you have some new grown skin issues which are not getting cured and are getting even more painful day by day, you must check on for the melanoma skin cancer.

Here Are Few Signs Which Signify You May Be Suffering From Melanoma Cancer!

1. Moles

Moles are quite a strong sign of melanoma. If you watch new moles appear over your skin, go for a detailed analysis. The moles generally can appear black or brown in color. Generally people get moles in the childhood but whenever the newly developed moles are witnessed, you need to get a checkup to identify whether it is a normal mole growth or the sign of different disease. Thus moles are the basic and primary signs of skin cancer which you must not ignore!


2. The ABCDE Rule For Moles

• A- asymmetric

If the mole is asymmetric, which means in some irregular shape or it does not look like the moles you areas have, it can lead to melanoma cancer. The moles must be identified on this basis to differentiate between the non melanoma skin cancer or melanoma skin cancer moles.

• B- border

These skin moles are generally identified by the border and line up of the moles. If you have broken, bleeding, blurred or tear up in your mole lining, it can lead to melanoma cancer. This is a condition in which your moles would have a different and ripped border.

• C-color

Moles generally appear black or brown I color. But if the moles are melanoma skin cancer moles, the shades of the moles may vary. Sometimes the moles can get red, pink or can turn into some unique shades. These changing colors of the mole may signify skin issues or skin cancer.

• D-diameter

The diameter or area of the moles must be taken care of. Usually the moles are small but the diameter of the moles can also change. Generally they can get 6mm large but in some cases, they can appear as small tiny moles!

• E- evolving

Evolving moles are generally harmful and suspicious. If the size, shape, color and lining of the moles changed frequently, you need to for a checkup to examine whether the moles are normal or showcases skin cancer signs!

3. Injuries Which Doesn’t Heal

When you are suffering from skin cancer, the injuries or issues over your skin would take a long time to heal. Generally the cuts, blemishes, marks get disappeared and cured easily but if you are suffering from melanoma skin cancer, the injuries won’t heal quickly. This is a primary sign of skin cancer where your skin is unable to get repaired quickly and completely!

The ABCDE Rule For Moles

4. Bleeding, Pain And Swelling Around The Moles

This is a quite common condition if you are affected with melanoma skin cancer. The moles get evolving and the skin surrounding the moles would get red, pink, and painful and swollen. Sometimes the moles can also bleed and cause a lumpy texture!

Bleeding, Pain And Swelling Around The Moles

5. Black Streak Over The Nails

This is one of the most prominent signs of melanoma skin cancer. This black streak looks like a broken and bleeding nail but is due to the dead skin cells. This sign can start spreading while affecting the other parts of your body. Within the cuticles and nails, this black mark can suggest you may be suffering from melanoma skin cancer!

Black Streak Over The Nails

6. Marks In The Eyes And Vision Issues

The moles with melanoma skin cancer, does not stay limited to the skin. They can even appear over the eyes which can cause blurry and rough vision. The patients with melanoma skin cancer generally witness such moles in the eyes which black their vision. Thus this is a prominent sign of the same!

Marks In The Eyes And Vision Issues

7. Suffering After Mole Removal

People generally go for the mole removal treatments. This is quite a normal phenomenon. But if you are suffering from melanoma skin cancer, the mole removal can get more painful and unexpected. You can feel pigmentation and lumps over the region where you got the moles removed. Go for instant checkup if you get these signs!

Suffering After Mole Removal