7 Valuable Herbal Remedies For Kidney Inflammation


Kidney Inflammation The inflammation of kidneys is also known to be nephritis. Actually the kidneys act productively in cleaning the waste and excessive fluid from your body. But when the kidneys turn inflamed, they function poorly and become worse too which collects more water and wastage in the blood stream, and further protein and blood might leak in the urine. Nephritis or kidney inflammation occurs due to few essential problems such as HIV, hepatitis, infections from strep throat and urinary tract infections.

It can even result from diuretic medications, few antibiotics, high blood pressure or diabetes. As per these causes, the inflammation of the kidneys can be less and unnoticeable too or they may seem serious. You can also come across few signs of inflammation like blood in urine, dark colored urine, extra urine produced, frequent hiccups, headaches, nausea, fatigue, fever, swelling on the face, around the eyes and in the legs, high blood pressure or joint and abdominal pain.

Well you can visit your doctor who can prescribe you proper medications or home remedies. But you can also gain advantage from few significant herbal remedies which can treat the kidney inflammation. Hence we’ve approached with 7 valuable herbal remedies for kidney inflammation.

Herbal Remedies For Kidney Inflammation

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is useful remedy to lower the inflammation of the kidney’s tissues or the nephritis. It can also aid in eradicating the wastage from kidneys. You can prepare tea added with dandelion root in it and drink once a day daily.

Dandelion Root

You can also ingest capsules containing dandelion root contents. Dandelion juice is also healthy for your kidney, which you can have two times per day for few days till you recover.


In order to decrease the inflammation of kidneys, goldenrod helps in curing it. It can even aid your body in cleansing the kidney stones. You can put 1 teaspoon of dried goldenrod in a bowl of 8 ounces of hot water and boil it. After 10 minutes you can strain the leaves and drink the tea.


Another herbal remedy for reducing the kidney inflammation is juniper herb. Being a cleansing herb, the juniper aids to wash out all the toxins from the kidney portion. As they hold oils, they have the capacity to release stress on the kidneys which further helps to restore again.


Thus you can mash the juniper berries in a bowl of boiling water and prepare tea which you can drink for one time per day for few days. You can even dilute some juniper berries in water and drink 1 teaspoon for 3 to 4 times per day. You can also soak few berries in gin or vodka for almost 7 days for creating a tincture.


You can also take the help of astragalus herbal remedy that can heal the nephritis or the kidney inflammation and develops the function of kidneys. It even aids in curing the protein and blood in the urine.


You can make astragalus tea by adding a bit of herb to it. You can mix astragalus root and rehmannia root and have it as herbal remedy for the soreness of kidneys.


Being an antiseptic, pipsissewa root can be utilized for curing the kidney inflammation within few days. You can prepare tea by using the pipsissewa root. You can even have it in capsule form with the recommendation of doctor. You can also make a tincture of pipsissewa and have it.

Uva Ursi

Uva ursi which is astringent can be helpful in treating the kidney infections and its inflammation. It even lessens the bacteria in the urine. You can make tea for yourself with insertion of uva ursi herb.

Uva ursi

This herb is also available in capsule and tincture forms. Thus you can apply the above herbal remedies and get rid of kidney inflammation.


Flax herb has natural anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the kidney inflammation to grow. You can add flaxseed oil while preparing food and have it daily. You can also make tea with flax herb and drink one cup per day for some days to gain effective results.

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