7 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Back Acne

Acne, or Acne Vulgaris, occurs in a body area, when the hair follicles of the region get clogged with skin oil and dead cells of the skin. Acne on the back can be very irritating, and can cause pain and anxiety.
Acne occurring at the back, or any other body part (including shoulders, chest, legs, arms and buttocks), occurs because of genetic causes, in 80% of the cases.

Sexual maturity involves increased production of testosterone and other sex hormones, which may be a cause of acne also. Diet, cigarette smoking, sunlight, and cleanliness, are some other factors that are still being studied for their role in causing acne. There are some easy to obtain home remedies that can heal back acne. These measures are cost effective and safe.

Here Are 7 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Back Acne:

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil, having antimicrobial, antiseptic, and a certain amount of anti-inflammatory properties.[1] Out of the 98 different compounds that the oil contains, terpinen-4 is one of the major constituent that imparts it the antimicrobial property. The oil is toxic when taken orally (when consumed), but its topical (skin) application provides relief from acne. To remove the back acne, put 2 drops of the oil (sold at pharmacies) on a clean cotton ball. Next, dab the ball gently on the acne that affect your back. Leave the application for around 20 minutes, and then wash using lukewarm water. Follow the process once every day, until you get complete relief.

Use Tea Tree Oil

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Or ACV

ACV contains a number of minerals and vitamins that make it quite healthy. It has Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, Biotin, and minerals including sodium, potassium, iron, and calcium.[2] The acetic acid found in the vinegar helps it kill the bacterial growth, and makes it efficient in treating acne. Apart from bringing the pH level of the body to normal, it is also an effective anti-inflammatory agent. To heal your back acne, dilute 1 spoon of ACV with a cup of water, and apply the resultant mixture to the affected parts of the body. Rinse the areas using lukewarm water after 10 minutes of application. Next, apply a water based moisturizer in the back areas. You can do the remedy 2 or 3 times during the day, till you remove all acne completely.

Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Honey

Honey is one of the most readily available anti-bacterial household remedies. The enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide in honey, imparts its anti-bacterial strength. To remove your back acne, dab a small amount of honey (by using your fingers or a clean cotton ball) on the acne. Wait for 15 minutes, and then rinse the parts using lukewarm water. Make the process 3 times during the day, till the acne gets removed.

5 Home Remedies To Treat Your Skin With Honey

4. Borax

Borax is a fungicide, and can also kill bacteria that may be a cause of back acne. While it is toxic when consumed orally, its skin application is safe. It also has anti-inflammatory action, and can reduce the pain and redness associated with acne.[4] To get rid of your back acne, add around half spoon of borax powder into a bowl. Mix 1 spoon of glycerin and add a small amount of water, so that you get a paste. Apply the paste on the affected parts of the back. After the paste gets dry, wash it off using clean and lukewarm water. Apply some light moisturizer after the treatment process. You can do the process 2 times every day till you get complete relief.


5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains indoles, organic acids, alkaloids, ketones, phytosterols, and alcohols that provide it with antioxidant properties.[5] Acetone also has anti-bacterial action, which helps in killing bacteria that cause acne. To remove back acne, extract the gel from an Aloe Vera leaf (by cutting it open). Apply the gel on the acnes at the back. Make the process twice daily, for the whole week, to avail the benefits.

aloe vera gel

6. Turmeric

Turmeric, the well known spice, also has antibacterial properties. Hence it can kill the P. Acnes bacteria that cause acne. The compound in it by the name Curcumin, provides it with anti-bacterial strength and property. Its application also reduces inflammation, pain, and normalizes the pH level of the skin.[6] To heal the back acne, mix 2 spoons of good quality turmeric powder, and then add to it sesame oil, so that you get a paste. Apply the paste on the acne affected areas of the back. Leave the paste to dry itself for around an hour, and then rinse off by using clean water. Make the remedy 2 times during the day, until you get sufficient amounts of relief.

Turmeric Paste

7. Green Tea

Green Tea contains catechins, compounds having antibacterial properties. The application of green tea extracts also lowers pain, redness, and inflammation that acne affected areas suffer from.[7] To remove acne from the back, mix a quarter cup of green tea (freshly brewed) and water, so as to form a cup of mixture. Now dip a clean cotton ball in the newly made solution, and apply the ball on the affected areas. Let the substance sit for a period of 10 minutes, and then wash using cool and clean water. Make the remedy 2 times every day, till you get sufficient relief.

Green Tea