7 Home Remedies For White Bumps On Lips

Home Remedies For White Bumps On Lips

We have all noticed those white spots and bumpy texture on the lips. Women consider lips as the most attractive and beautiful part of the body. These bumps and whet spots can make the lips look rough, dill and simply unpleasing. The pigmented and rough lips are not desirable and thus, you need some cool natural remedies to fight these issues. If you are suffering from white spots and bumps over the lips, here are some amazing ways you can fight them. These are the natural remedies which would never fail to work miracles on your lips.

Try These Cool Natural Ways And Fight The White Bumps Over Our Lips Soon!

1. Coconut Oil

This is one of the moat amazing oils which can get you stunning results over the bumps. If you have white spots or bumps on your lips, rub or massage coconut oil daily on your lips. Filled with natural minerals and nourishing properties, this woul simply fight the white bumps from the depth of your skin. Thus go for the coconut oil massage on your lips and get cool results!

Coconut Oil

2. Curd

Curd is an amazing ingredient with probiotics. This fermented food can fight such bumps and spots while leaving your skin smooth and silky. If you want your natural and beautiful spotless lips back soon. Rub curd daily on your lips twice a day this amazing remedy would never fail to get you magical results soon!


3. Lavender Oil

Essential oils are amazing and especially when it comes to kin issues. If your lips have developed bumps and white spots, lavender oil and its anti bacterial properties would simply make your lips beautifully cleansed. This cleansing and nourishing oil has amazing benefits over your lips and would soon get you your flawless lips back.

Lavender Oil

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a mild cleansing agent which can clean your skin from the depth. If your lips feel bumpy and small white spots appeal over the, you need to apply some apple cider vinegar over the. This would help in cleansing the lips, white spots and bumps and would surely get you smooth and spotless lips in few applications!

Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Garlic

This anti bacterial ingredient is studded with cool nourishing properties which would heal such issues soon. Die to fungal infections and bacteria, if you have developed some white spots and bumps on your lips, nothing can work as magically as garlic to fight these infections. Get some garlic’s crushed and applies this juice on your lips for a rinse. This would get you amazing benefits and clean lips soon!


6. Lemon Juice

The citrus rich foods are awesome for such bumps and spots. This food rich with citrus and vitamin c would surely fight the bumps and white spots. Rub some lemon juice daily on your lips. This food fights pigmentation and such skin impairments and cleanses the skin form the depth while fighting the bacteria. Thus daily go for this amazing treatment and make your lips free from such impairments in few applications!

 Lemon Juice

7. Spinach

This amazing ingredient is not only good for the body but also it is magical over the lips. Filled with vitamins and iron, this amazing food would get your lips beautifully nourished. Apply some spinach juice on your lips and also consume a lot of spinach for cool results. This would help in fighting the lumps and white spots soon!