7 Home Remedies For Cloudy Vision


Remedies For Cloudy Vision

Cloudy or blurry vision is one of the most common things which we can face in our regular life! It can also be a temporary condition or can act as an eye issue which you need to find out! Sometimes due to constant work starring in the laptop screens, due to consumption of tobacco and such harmful ingredients, due to disease and eye disorders like cataract, the vision can get cloudy and blurry. Myopia and hyperopia are also two prominent conditions which can cause blurred vision. This is a sign of eye sight weakness which must be eliminated. Due to any disorder or any common condition, this can happen to your eyes and can surprisingly get reduced with some cool home remedies. If you rely on the natural remedies for reduce various health issues and problems, you would get glad to know that the cloudy vision issue too has natural remedies.

Here Are Some Of The Exclusive Remedies For You!

1. Vitamin A Supplement

Vitamin a supplements are simply connected to eye sight and can get you amazing relief over blurry and cloudy eye sight. You can consume the vitamin a rich foods and can also take the supplements and tablets vitamin a would simply improve your eye sight and heal various eyesight issues you have been facing since long! Thus, don’t forget to include the vitamin A rich content in your meals!

Vitamin A Supplement

2. Liquorice

Surprisingly, liquorice is amazing and highly beneficial for improving the eye sight. If you are suffering from blurred vision, cloudy vision and low eye sight strength, you can consume little amount of liquorice everyday and get rid of all the eye related issues. Mix some liquorice with water and drink this mixture everyday to improve your eye sight quickly!


3. Carrot And Spinach Juice

These two glorious and amazing ingredients are beneficial and proven to be amazing for the eye sight. If you have blurred vision and low eye sight, you must drink this miraculous drink which can provide a sharp and clear eye sight. Mix some carrot juice and spinach juice and drink this cool mixture every day. This would get you some dazzling and adorable results in few days!

Carrot And Spinach Juice

4. Grated Potato

If you want an amazing coat which can protect your eyes and get you clear and sharp eye sight, go for this amazing ingredient which can work miracles on your eyes. Apply some grated potatoes on your eyes and let it work for 15-20 minutes. For soothing and calming your eyes, apply this amazing grated potato on your eyes and you would love the results!

Grated Potato

5. Rose Water

If you want a stunning soothing and calming ingredient which can also nourish your eyes and get your vision clear, this is a perfect ingredient for you. Get some fresh cucumbers and apply the slices on your eyes. Also you must consume cucumbers in your regular meals for getting sharp and glorious eye sight!

Rose Water

6. Almond

Almonds are cool nourishing agents which can make your brain sharp, your eyes crystal clear and your body super healthy! If you want an ingredient with all in one action, try this super food which can work miracles on your body! Soak the almonds overnight in water and next day morning, eat these almonds. This would get you a clear vision and battle cloudy eye sight!


7. Indian Gooseberries

Indian gooseberries or amla are filled with nourishing agents exclusively good for the eyes. These amazing foods work miracles on the eyes and make it sharper and stronger. Drink a lot of amla juice everyday to increase the eye power and to battle blurry vision!

Indian Gooseberries