7 Fruits You Should Eat To Lose Weight

Fruits You Should Eat To Lose Weight

Weight loss the most common discussion topic we hear everywhere. People try crash diets, hit to the gym, avoid junk foods and what not. But somehow they could not maintain the consistency due to the hectic lifestyle and longer workiflng hours. Hence most of the they search for shortcuts such as weight loss pills, capsules and other medicines. But these medicines can also give you side effects in the long run. Hence it is always beneficial to stick to the natural resources and foods to lose the weight. By making a few changes in your eating habits and diet you can definitely lose the excess fats from your body. Today we are going to discuss about some fruits which would help you to add kilos.So

So Let’s Have A Look:

1. Avocado

This buttery fruit is very beneficial in weight loss. It is also known as an excellent fat burner. You must have noticed in various smoothies and salads. Avocados contain higher amount of monosaturated oleic acid which we generally find in the olive oil. It also contains potassium and fibers which help to suppress the feeling of hunger and help to lose weight. Try using avocados in your smoothies to make it more delicious and healthy.


2. Berries

We love to top our ice creams and custards with berries. But these berries are also beneficial in weight loss. Berries contain higher amount of anti oxidants and proteins which help you to lose effectively. You can much on Raspberries, Blueberries, cranberries and Strawberries for the same. Berries also help to cleanse the system and keep our body healthy. It also helps to flush out toxins from the body and improves the digestion. You can add these berries in smoothies or simply munch on it.


4. Banana

Most of you must have heard that Bananas help to gain weight but these bananas also help you to lose weight as well. Bananas contain fiber and potassium which helps to lose weight effectively. It helps to make you feel fuller and suppress the hunger. You can just eat it or you can also add it to smoothies and milk shakes. Apart from weight loss it also helps to lower the risk of heart disease and boost the immunity.


5. Apple

An apple a day keeps a doctor away. But an apple in a day also helps to keep kilos at bay. Yes . Apple helps to lose weight effectively. Apple contains Vitamin A and essential fibers which help to satiate the hunger and keep you full for a longer time. You can include it in your diet as a snack in between your meals or you can also munch on it after your meals.


6. Water Melon

This refreshing fruit also helps you to lose the weight effectively. It contains approximate 97% of water which helps you to keep your stomach full and keep your hunger at bay. Apart from this it also helps to improve the lipid profiles and lower the fats accumulation in the body. You can eat it in between your meals as a snack to keep your stomach filled.

Water Melon

7. Oranges

This tangy refreshing fruit helps you to lose weight as well. Orange is known as a low calorie fruit and higher nutrients. Hence it helps to keep your full satiate the hunger very well and keep your stomach full for a longer time. You can include the oranges in your breakfast and even as a snack in between your meals to reap its maximum benefits.


8. Pear

Pear is the power house of Vitamin C which is extremely beneficial for weight loss. Apart from this it also contains fiber which would help you’re to satiate your hunger and keep your stomach filled. Pear also helps to keep the cholesterol under control. You can include pear in your fruit salads or munch on it as a snack.