7 Food To Make Skin Glow


Food To Make Skin Glow

Who does not want a glowing skin free from blemishes and spots? Although most people resort to expensive treatments to have it, it can be achieved right at home at a much lesser cost. The safest, least expensive and wisest way to healthy and glowing skin is through diet.

Certain foods rich in essential nutrients and antioxidant properties help you get a glowing skin apart from their other health benefits. Here are some of the best foods to make your skin glow.

Best Food To Make Skin Glow


Tomatoes For Skin Glow

Tomatoes contain vitamin C and have amazing antioxidant properties. Vitamin C is essential for building collagen – skin’s elastic tissue that degrades with age. Besides, stress at work or otherwise, exposure to UV rays of sun, and smoking make the skin deficient in vitamin C. In such a case, free radicals easily attack the skin cells. Hence, tomatoes and other such fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are essential to keep the skin glowing.Tomatoes also contain lycopene which is a phytochemical and gives tomatoes their color. Lycopene prevents acne – a common skin problem – by reducing the hormone responsible for its occurrence. Lycopene also inhibits damage caused by cancerous cells.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds For Skin Glow

Pumpkin seeds are well known skin beautifiers. They contain handful of nutrients like zinc apart from essential fatty acids – primarily omega-6, omega-6 and omega 9. Pumpkin also reduce inflammation in the tissues.Inflammation of the skin is the root cause of various skin disorders like blemishes, acne, etc. and induce a dull looking complexion. You can simply eat these seeds or add them to your regular salads and smoothies.


Eggs For Skin Glow

Eggs are rich in vital nutrients that are seminal for a glowing skin. Eggs contain vitamins A and B complex. While vitamin A in necessary for formation of new skin cells, keeping the skin supple and smooth and reducing dryness of the skin, vitamin B complex helps in releasing energy essential for skin metabolism.Vitamin B complex also keeps the skin smooth and restores the much needed moisture. Eggs are also rich sources of zinc that is crucial for collagen formation. Zinc deficiency may result in stubborn blemishes, stretch marks, and white spots on the skin along with dull complexion.

Green Tea

Green Tea For Skin Glow

Green tea too has amazing antioxidant properties that protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals either due to exposure to UV rays or otherwise. Daily consumption of green tea makes the skin look younger and adds a distinctive glow to it.Besides, green tea helps in fighting the worst nightmare of all i.e. acne by reducing levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is a hormone responsible for occurrence of acne. Recommended dosage of green tea for glowing skin is 3 to 5 cups a day.


Blueberries For Skin Glow

Blueberries also have strong antioxidant action that is required by the skin to fight off the negative impact of free radicals.  The antioxidant properties of blueberries and other such deep-colored berries help fight skin blemishes and render it a glowing and spotless touch.Blueberries are also helpful in fighting off acne effectively because of their antioxidant properties. Acne is caused by local oxidative stress that nearby depletes antioxidant levels.


Fish like halibut, salmon, sardine, mackerel, etc. contain omega-3 fatty acids that delay the skin ageing process and fight off visible wrinkles effectively. Fish also help in building the collagen of your skin thereby fighting major factors that induce premature ageing of skin. Omega-3 fatty acids fight off inflammation of skin tissues that lead to wrinkles and acne.Omega-3 fatty acids are also well known mood elevators and hence fight off acne, dark circles, wrinkles and blemishes caused by stress. Recommended dosage of oily fish containing omega-3 fatty acids for glowing skin is 4 to 5 servings every week. You can also opt for fish oil supplements.

Fish For Skin Glow

Brown Rice

Brown rice contains ceramides, which are lipid molecules that help the skin maintain its moisture level. Regular intake of brown rice helps incorporation of these ceramides on the outer skin layer thereby keeping it hydrated. It is because of this hydration induced by brown rice that your skin glows naturally.

Brown Rice For Skin Glow