7 DIY Banana Face Packs For Dry Skin

DIY Banana Face Packs For Dry Skin

Bananas are such delicious options to make the dry skin smooth and beautiful forever! These nourishing fruits never fail to add beauty, smoothness, charm and an added glow to your skin. Bananas are filled with natural moisture, smoothening elements, nourishing minerals and essential nutrients, skin brightening and enriching ingredients, which makes the skin hydrates, nourished, moisturized and fights all the skin issues and impairments. Rich with potassium, vitamins, calcium, amino acids and such ingredients, this fruit is filled with all the necessary ingredients the skin would need to get hydrates and nourished. These cool properties make bananas best for the dry skin. If you too have dry and itchy skin, go for these amazing banana masks which would get you smooth, hydrated and youthful skin for sure!

1. Banana Honey Lemon Juice Pack

If you want a gorgeous glow, even tones skin along with the cool supple and smooth skin, go for this amazing and extraordinary mask which would simply get you flawless results. This amazing mask prepared from the skin enriching ingredients would keep your skin hydrated and satisfied! Mix all the three ingredients and apply this rejuvenating pack for awesome results!

Banana honey lemon juice pack

2. Banana Yogurt Orange Juice Mask

What can work more amazingly on the dry skin than fruits? This delicious mixture made from orange juice, smoothening yogurt and moisturizing bananas would make your sin ultra smooth and glorious. Mix bananas, yogurt and orange juice and apply this redefining pack on your face twice a week for cool and smooth skin!

Banana Yogurt Orange Juice Mask

3. Banana Milk And Oatmeal Pack

Oatmeal is quite amazing when it comes to skin care. This cool ingredient makes the skin bright and retains the lost moisture. Also milk is such a nourishing and cool ingredient which would work wonders on your skin. Mix some bananas, oatmeal and milk and apply this amazing pack on your skin. We are sure you would get smooth and adorable skin in just few applications!

Banana milk and oatmeal pack

4. Banana Sandalwood Milk Mask

If you want a refreshing and skin smoothening mask which would get you awesome and simply enviable results, here is a quick pack which can get awesome results. Mix some bananas and milk and add some cool sandalwood powder in the mixture. Apply this soothing, skin brightening and nourishing mask on your skin for dazzling results and skin worth having!

Banana sandalwood milk mask

5. Banana Olive Oil Pack

What can be more nourishing and moisturizing than the olive oil? This cool oil brings the glorious and amazing skin out and fights the dead skin cells, under nourished skin, patchy skin and such many skin impairments. Mix some olive oil and bananas and prepare a thick paste. Apply this cool paste and you would love your super nourished and cool skin!

Banana olive oil pack

6. Banana Butter Pack

If you want a nourishing and extremely stunning pack which can fight the dull and dry skin, go for this banana butter mask which would have cool results on your damages, dry and itchy skin. Especially in winters, if you skin gets dry and under nourished, you can us this dazzling mask for glorious and bright skin. Mix some banana butter and get nourished sin with this awesome pack!

Banana Butter Pack

7. Banana Vitamin E Oil Pack

Bananas are skin smoothening agents while the amazing vitamin e oil would add nourishment and youthfulness to your skin. Mix some fresh bananas and vitamin e oil and prepare a mask. Apply this rejuvenating and cool mask on your entire face and rinse with Luke warm water. This would get you tight, bright, youthful and enviable skin forever!

Banana Vitamin E Oil Pack

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