7 Dangerous Side Effects Of Pineapple


Dangerous Side Effects Of Pineapple

Pineapple is one fruit that we all like to eat as it has so many benefits and is also filling. The fruit is high on Vitamin C and has zero calories. The fruit is low on cholesterol and should be consumed by people with high cholesterol as it balances the level of cholesterol. It is also a god source of Vitamin A, potassium and other things. With so many beneficial qualities we never thought that this fruit could also have some side effects, which can be harmful to the body. When having this fruit, one must keep in mind that having it in huge amount can also cause problems to your health as anything when taken more than needed is harmful. The pineapple is local to South America and was conveyed to Europe by Spanish pilgrims. Planting started on an expansive scale in Hawaii ahead of schedule in the nineteenth century. Development of the business topped in the 1950s, and then declined gradually under the weight of universal competition.Today, the main part of the world’s pineapple product originates from Thailand, the Philippines, and Brazil. Conventional uses incorporate the fermenting of pineapple wine, creation of fiber, and restorative utilization.

7 Side Effects Of Pineapple Are

Allergic Reactions

Eating pineapple can lead to allergy and can cause reactions. It can cause redness and swelling on the lips and an itchiness in the throat. Since, this fruit has some meat-tenderizing properties, so therefore it can be allergic and can cause reactions. These reactions are cured naturally but if it doesn’t then you mustn’t delay and visit the doctor.


Blood Sugar Levels

Having pineapple without realizing the quantity can cause serious problems such as headaches, feeling thirsty and frequent urination as it increases the blood sugar levels as it has carbohydrates in it because of which the blood sugar levels increases.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Reactions Of Bromelain

Bromelain is an enzyme, which is found in this fruit that causes reactions in the body if the fruit is consumed in large quantity. It causes Nausea, diarrhea and indigestion problems. This enzyme has certain trait that increases the antibiotics that the body has earlier consumed.


Interaction With Medicines

If you are on antibiotics, then consuming pineapple at that stage can be harmful as it can worsen the situation and can have negative symptoms such as fever, chills, bleeding nose and dizziness. The fruit should not be consumed when you are taking any other medication, as it is prone to react with the medicines.


Sweet Tooth

Pineapple when consumed too much can also lead to sweet tooth, which is not good. It reduces the sensitivity of your tooth, which can be problematic for later stages. If you consume anything cold or hot, your teeth will start paining because of the low sensitivity. Hence, one must be careful when having this fruit and should not consume it in large quantity.

Sweet Tooth

Allergy To Pollen And Dust

If you are allergic to pollen or dust, then you must be careful when you eat pineapples. As the body tend to confuse the protein present in the body with pollens and other particles that are allergic to the body.

Allergy To Pollen And Dust


Pineapple when consumed unripe can cause vomiting and Nausea. And if you have the juice of unripe pineapple then there are higher chances of vomiting and feeling uneasy.