7 Best Home Remedies For Oil Bumps On The Face

Home Remedies For Oil Bumps On The Face

A lot of us suffer from an issue of oil bumps on face which looks as pimples and such skin issues. If you have oil bumps on skin, it is generally due to dirt, greasy skin, pores and such issues. These oil bumps are quiet annoying and unpleasing and would make your skin look embarrassing! Everybody wants a cool skin with not pigmentation and no such issues! If you have oily skin type and need some amazing home remedies to get rid of these issues, you can try the natural ingredients which can work miracles on the oil bumps and would fight this skin issue. These ingredients are amazing and would repair your skin faster from the oily bumps.

Try These Cool And Refreshing Remedies Which Would Not Only Fight Oily Bumps But Would Also Get You Smooth And Glorious Skin Back!

1. Honey

Nothing can beat honey in making the skin gorgeous and beautiful. If you are suffering from the issue of oily bumps on your face, it can be due to greasy skin and a lot of dirt. You can apply honey which fights this issue effectively and would get you super stunning skin back! Apply honey on the affected area and let it work for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and get adorable results!


2. Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the soothing and skin repairing agent which would never fail to fight the skin issues and bacteria. You can apply castor oil on the affected areas and get rid of them soon. Apply castor oil on the oily bumps and this would cleanse the pores and oiliness and would get you refreshing skin soon!

Castor Oil

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Nothing can work miraculously for skin issues just as the aloe Vera gel. This is a life changing gel which would never fail to make your skin beautiful and glowing! This amazing gel is filled with cleansing agents, skin soothing elements, properties for skin tightening and brightening and also is an anti bacteria get which would fight the bacteria and get you flawless skin! Apply aloe Vera gel on the oily bumps and you would love the outcomes!

Aloe Vera Gel

4. Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds and leaves can act as a cool and soothing ingredient which would fight the oiliness and greasiness from your skin! You can use fresh fenugreek eaves or if not available, go for the fenugreek seeds to boorish your skin and get rid of the oily bumps. Apply the paste over the affected area and you would fall in love with your skin!


5. Tea Tree Oil

This is a natural and essential oil which would work miracles on your skin. Massage your skin with this cleansing agent and soon get rid of oily bumps and skin issues. Apply tea tree oil on the affected area and soon get rid f the oily bumps over your skin!

Tea Tree Oil

6. Potato

This amazing ingredient does not only brighten the skin but filled with cool nourishing and skin repair properties, this amazing ingredient would simply work miracles on your skin. Apply potato juice on tour oily skin and oily bumps and get amazing results soon!


7. Sandalwood And Rose Water

This is a refreshing mixture which would get you flawless and stunning skin while eliminating the oiliness and greasiness. Sandalwood powder would fight skin issues and smooth up your skin while rose water would get a refreshing and stunning impact on your skin! Apply this mixture and get rid of oily bumps soon!

Sandalwood And Rose Water