6 Superb Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Skin


dry skin

Do you posses dry skin which goes extremely dry in winter? Many of us have who have dry skin and they suffer the most common problems of dry skin. You can use the products available in market to get rid of dry skin problems as many people do. But do you ever try any home remedy to resolve dry skin problems? There are several available natural home remedies for dry skin which solves the dry skin problems in a natural way. These natural remedies are made with common natural ingredients which are easily available around us. These home remedies keep your skin moisturized and glowing ever long.

List Of 6 Superb Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Flour And Milk Face Cleanser

Dry skin has a tendency to get drier after every wash. So, do not use soap on your skin as it will make your skin more rough and dry. And when it gets drier there has more chances of appearing fine lines and wrinkles on it. So when you have to clean dry skin try a home made cleanser instead of any soap.

Milk And Flour

Mix 2 table spoons of wheat flour and 1 table spoon of fresh milk cream in a bowl to make a smooth paste. Now apply this paste on your skin face and neck leaving the eye area; leave this paste for 5 to 7 minutes on your skin. Then wash off with normal water. It will clear away the dirt particles from the pores of your skin and makes your skin touchable soft. Milk cream nourishes your skin as it contains protein and vital nutrients for your skin. Try this home remedy to clean your skin daily. This home remedy is also suitable for use in whole body.

Tone Your Skin With Cucumber

After cleansing your skin treat with toner. Toner can close the pores which are opened during cleansing and also help in tightening the pores of your skin. Cucumber juice works fantastic on your skin as a toner. Take some pieces of cucumber and grind it. Then strain the juices from it and store the juice in refrigerator. Apply this natural toner on the dry skin to keep it soft and tighten.

Cucumber Juice

Almond Nourishment Pack

Dry skin needs proper nourishment to look healthy. If you did not take care of dry skin properly then fine lines and wrinkles can appear on your skin in an early age. So, try this home made remedy which nourishes dry skin in a fantastic way. It is made with almonds which contains vitamin E which is good for your skin nourishment. Soak 8 to 10 almonds in half cup of milk for whole night. Peel the skin of almonds and then make a fine paste out of these almonds. Now apply this paste on your whole face and neck leaving the eye area. Leave this nourishing skin pack on your skin for half an hour thus it goes dry. Wash off this face pack with Luke warm water and pat dry. Use this home made nourishment remedy in alternate days on your dry skin for best results.


Apply Home Made Moisturizing Pack

Dry skin needs deep moisturization as it looses moisture fast than any other skin type. To give your skin a natural moisturizing benefit tries this excellent home remedy; this is actually a face pack. Take some pieces of raw papaya and then mash it in to pulp. Now take 4 table spoons of this raw papaya pulp and mix 1 table spoon of pure honey with it to make a paste out of it. Now apply this moisturizing face pack on your face leaving the eye area and neck. Leave this face pack for 15 to 20 minutes on your skin. Rinse off with Luke warm water. Papaya and honey both contains excellent moisturizing property in it which makes your skin satin soft in few minutes.

Papaya And Honey

Massage Your Skin With Olive Oil

If you have a dry skin tries to massage your skin with Olive Oil every day before your bath. Regular massaging with this oil reduces the dryness of your skin and also keeps your skin moisturized. Massage your skin olive oil in upward strokes for best results. It also increases the blood circulation in your body and gives you a naturally healthy skin. It also reduces the problem of flaky skin.

Olive Oil

Moisturize Your Skin Naturally

Dry skin needs frequent application of moisturizer to remove the dryness. Try this natural moisturizer to hydrate your skin and it also keeps your skin moisten for long hours. Apply Aloe Vera gel on your skin to make it moisturized. Take Aloe Vera leaf and break it. Then scoop the gel with the help of a spoon in a bowl. Now apply this gel on your skin when you need to apply moisturizer on your skin. Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer which works excellent on dry skin keeping the appropriate moisture balance even if in winter.

Aloevera Gel