6 Simple Herbal Remedies For Goiter


Herbal Remedies For Goiter

Being an expanded thyroid gland, the goiter is situated in the mid of the throat. When they grow largely, you may feel extremely uncomfortable. The gland in the shape of a butterfly plays a vital role in controlling the body’s metabolism including blood pressure, heart rate and breathing by generating the thyroid hormone.If the thyroid becomes underactive you may feel nervous, become hungry or have insomnia, and in overactive thyroid you can become obese, have sensitivity to coldness and get tired too. In both the cases the goiter can gradually develop bigger. With the swelling and pain in the neck the size of the goiter can be noticeable minutely or hugely. The signs of goiter can cover mood swings, depression, irritability, emotional upset and loss of concentration. Thyroid problems generally occur at the time of hormonal change such as puberty, menopause and pregnancy. It is always recommended to show your doctor. The problem of goiter can be checked by medications and other home therapies, but the most beneficial are the herbal remedies which can help you to a greater extent.

6 Valuable Herbal Remedies For Goiter


Bladderwrack To Reduce Goiter

Bladderwrack herb has higher amount of iodine that can help in standardizing your thyroid. This herb can cure the thyroid disorders like underactive thyroid, overactive thyroid or iodine deficiency. You can add the bladderwrack herb in the tea and drink it once per day for some days. Bladderwrack can also be obtainable in the capsule form which you can eat once with the doctor’s consultation.


Kelp To Reduce Goiter

Kelp being seaweed comprises of natural iodine which aids in curing the goiter. It can be helpful in healing the underactive thyroid and it can also manage the weight gain because of thyroid problems. You can add kelp herb to the tea or to the soup and have it once in a day. You can even have capsules which contain kelp content (200 to 600 mg). You can also drink 4 to 8 ml of kelp tincture before having meals.


Dandelion To Reduce Goiter

Dandelion is an excellent herbal remedy which prevents the goiter to expand ahead. You can take few dandelion leaves along with ghee, warm them up and apply on the swollen portions of the gland as bandage. If you’re experiencing pain, it will be relieved by the dandelion herb. You can continue this process for 2 weeks. You can even add dandelions in the soups, salads or cooked green vegetable food.


Flax To Reduce Goiter

In order to reduce the risk of goiter, you can take the advantage of using flax herb. You should crush the flax seeds and add them to a bowl of water and heat them for 5-10 minutes. You can now apply the mixture on the affected portion of goiter. You can even use flax seed oil varying from 3 to 10 grams every day.


The oak aids in getting rid of the symptoms associated with goiter. You can mix a thick poultice of dried oak bark with water and then apply the mixture to the goiter mixture. Leave it overnight so that the swelling will lessen automatically. Continue doing it for few days and you’ll see good results. You can even ingest 2 capsules of oak content for 2-3 times a day for some days.

Oak Reduce Goiter

Green Tea

Green tea that is rich in natural fluoride is hugely supportive to the goiter symptoms and wards them off completely. It has higher antioxidants which will scrap the free radicals that can increase the goiter growth. Thus you can prepare green tea and drink 3 cups each day daily.

Therefore the women and the elderly people who mostly suffer goiter can implement the above herbal remedies to get over it quickly.

Green Tea Reduce Goiter