6 Home Remedies For Nose Bleeding


Home Remedies For Nose Bleeding Nose bleeding often occurs due to the susceptibility of the delicate nose lining, which contains a large number of tiny blood vessels, to bleed easily when these small capillaries get ruptured due to various reasons. This common ailment can be found in children and adults equally. There can be various reasons for nose bleeding like an accident or injury to the nose,  dryness caused by winter air,  high altitude, infection of the mucous membrane,  an allergy, inflammation from cold that cause the swelling of the vessels and vitamin C deficiency.

Sometime nosebleed occurs without any of these specific causes.  Nose bleed can also occur due to some medical conditions like high blood pressure, typhoid fever, malaria, and sinusitis. In most cases, the front part of the nose bleeds and it rarely hurts.

Various Home Remedies For Nose Bleeding

First Aid

first aid for nose bleeding To stop sudden nose bleeds, sit down calmly in upright position. Do not allow your head to tilt backwards as this can allow the blood to go down to the throat and cause vomiting. Rather, tilt the head forward. Now place your thumb on the soft part of your nose and pinch firmly without releasing for at least 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. Breathe through your nose. Avoid blowing or sneezing of the nose for some time. Take rest for sometime instead of moving around.


Ice For Nose Bleeding Relief For stopping bleeding, ice is an effective remedy. Ice can help to constrict the blood vessels and reduce inflammation of the injured nose.Take out some ice from your freezer, crush them and put them in a zip locked plastic bag and cover the bag with a towel. Apply this cold compress on the bridge of the nose. Soon bleeding will stop. You can also use frozen vegetable bags if ice is not available.


Vinegar To Relief Nose Bleeding Take a plain sterile gauze or cotton ball and wet it in white vinegar. Plug it on the bleeding nostril and wait for 10 minutes. Vinegar contains acid which will seal up the blood vessels and bring the bleeding to a stop. Apple cider vinegar can also help the blood to congeal and stop bleeding of the nose in the same way.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice To Relief Nose Bleeding Lemon juice, due to its acidic properties, can stop nose bleed. Just put one or two drops of lemon juice on the nostril that is bleeding. Soon bleeding will stop.

Saline Water

Another natural and effective remedy for stopping nose bleed instantly is use of saline water.  Make saline water using a pinch of salt in a cup of water. Spray saline water in one of the nostrils, closing the other with your thumb. Repeat the process in the other nostril.Nasal irrigation helps to rid the nasal passage off mucus, dust and also moisturize and soothe the irritated nasal membranes. You can also mix ½ tsp. salt and ½ tsp baking soda to prepare a saline solution.

Saline Water To Relief Nose Bleeding Onion

Smelling freshly cut onion can stop nose bleed instantly as onion contains sulfur, which acts as blood thickening agent. For stopping recurrent nose bleeding take care of your diet. Eat lot of green leafy vegetables rich in vitamin K that are essential for blood clotting. To keep the blood vessels in proper form and keep the lining moist, vitamin C is necessary.

So eat and drink vitamin C rich foods and drinks. Take care that the surrounding air is not too dry. Humidify the air using an air humidifier as dry air can be exceedingly hard on your nose. If bleeding persists for more than 20 minutes even after using these remedies, contact your health care provider.

Onion To Relief Nose Bleeding