6 Home Ingredients To Treat Skin Infections

skin infection

Every body of us is familiar with the skin infections problems. We just then use some anti septic and similar types of skin products available in market which are easily available in market. But the main drawbacks behind to not using these products as they made our skin rough. They are actually contains harsh chemicals which often causes damage to our skin. Do you ever try home ingredients to cure your skin infections? These ingredients are really amazing as they all are natural products. They do not have as such harsh effect on your skin and they gently works on your skin infections.

List Of 6 Amazing Home Ingredients To Treat Skin Infections


Turmeric is a well known home ingredient which is vastly used to cure skin infections. It is rich in anti septic and anti bacterial properties which gently cures the skin infections without any harsh effect on your skin. It is used as spices and when it is consumed as a food it keeps your skin free from infections from inside. It gives fantastic result in skin infections like acne, pimples, blemishes etc. The anti bacterial property of turmeric is very much helpful in fungal infections in monsoon.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is also very useful in curing various types of skin infections. It is mainly used for curing acne and pimples. It is also useful in curing the scar marks of any skin infections in a natural way. When it is used in face packs it give sexcellent result in the specified skin infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Basil is also a famous home ingredient which treats skin infections in an effective way. It is also rich in anti bacterial and anti septic properties. When it is consumed with honey it cures the infections from inside of your body providing you a healthy skin. The anti bacterial property gives an effective result in preventing acne and pimples from your skin. It gives excellent result in dry skin problems and also in the oily skin problems. The anti septic property of basil plays a vital role in curing minor cuts, burns, minor skin infections etc.

Basil leaves

Indian Lilac

Indian Lilac is known as “Neem” in Indian sub continent and it is rich in anti bacterial properties which is famous for curing acne and pimples. This home ingredient purifies your blood from inside when consumed and removes all skin infections from outside. The anti fungal property of this ingredient is helpful in removing any type of fungal skin infections and gives you excellent result in resolving dandruff problems. It gives fantastic results in almost all types of skin infections in all types of skin and thus it is famous around the globe.

Indian Lilac

Sandal Wood

Sandal Wood is a wonderful home ingredient which prevents several skin infections in a gentle and effective way. It soothes your skin in the problem of acne and pimples in a natural way. It is also helpful in reducing scar marks due to various types of skin infections and also lightens the skin tone evenly. Daily application of sandal wood paste on the acne or pimples stops the pain and cures the skin infection promptly.


Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves are mainly used as a spice in our kitchen. But do you know that it has medical properties too. The medicinal properties of this home ingredient are very much useful in treating skin infections like heat rashes which mainly appears on our skin during summer. A fine paste made with bay leaves and plain water gives an instant soothing effect to the rashes of your skin. It also reduces the redness on your skin due to infection and cures the rashes in few applications.

Bay leaf