6 Foods To Avoid In Itchy Rash


Foods To Avoid In Itchy Rash

Skin rashes and allergies are quite a common problem that you might face from time to time in your life. However, there are some rashes that are just red marks on the skin and a reason for discomfort, while there are some other that causes a lot of itching and irritation in the affected areas.The condition can medically be termed as Eczema and in most cases is a result of allergies to certain environmental factors or food products. These itchy rashes are like red bumps on the skin and also known as food rash. Since, some specific foods are the major cause of itchy rash, you need to have a good knowledge about what to eat and what to avoid till the problem subsides.

Here in this simple guide we will discuss all the food items that should be completely avoided during those couple of days you face itchy rashes on your body. This will help you in preventing the situation to worsen and also speed up the treatment procedure.

Foods To Avoid In Itchy Rash

Histamine Content Foods


Histamine is one of those nutrients that can aggravate or highly worsen the situation of an itchy skin. Therefore, those products that have a good level of the same should be stayed away from. These include canned fish, smoked fish, soy sauce, champagne, beer, vinegar, mayonnaise, wine, sausages, salami and a lot more. Read the ingredients list before consuming. All kinds of fermented foods are high in histamine.



Another category of food items that can increase the issues of itching skin is sea food.From oysters to shell fish and crabs to squids and shrimps everything should be kept at bay until you completely recover from this skin crisis.

Foods That Boost The Secretion Of Histamine


There are certain foods that tend to stimulate the histamine amount in the body including chocolates, strawberries, egg whites, citrus fruits like oranges and lemon, nuts, milk and more. Keep them out of your daily diet for a while.

All Kinds Of Dairy Products

When you are suffering from an itchy rash on the skin you really need to avoid the dairy products completely. From milk to yoghurt and cheese to creams, forget them for a while until you are successful in curing the skin ailment. Herein, skimmed milk and low fat dairy products are also not recommended.

Avoid Dairy Products In Itchy Rash

The Nuts Category

Nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts or any other that is not mentioned here can worsen the itchiness on the rashes. Try and stay away from all food items that have any nut content or even eating them directly. These also include any packed foods that are made from these nuts. For example peanut butter is a big no during this phase of health issue.


Decrease The Salt Quantity In The Food

Excessive salt can dry the skin faster and lead to more and more irritation and itching in the area. Make sure you lower the content of consumption for a couple of days when suffering from itchy rashes.