6 Foods That Cure Piles


Foods That Cure Piles

Piles or hemorrhoids are a common yet painful health problem which affects many people around the world. Piles is actually a condition when the veins or blood vessels around the rectum get inflamed and enlarge which causes severe pain along with bleeding in the time of passing stool from anus. The common symptoms of piles could be painful defecation, traces of blood in the time of passing the stool, a burning or itchy sensation after defecation etc.

The main reason behind the appearance of piles is the chronic constipation, unhealthy food habit, heredity, too much stress, lack of physical activity, overweight, pregnancy etc. However, one of the best ways to treat piles is to make some dietary changes it will not only cure piles effectively but they are also without side effects and prevent further occurrence. If you want to know them just scroll down check them out!!

Various Foods To Cure Piles


Water To Reduce Piles

Drinking enough water is very much necessary for fit body and so also to keep piles problem away. Adequate amount of water intake helps the body to be hydrated which makes the stool softer and thus prevents constipation which broadens the way for hemorrhoids mostly.Along with water you may also opt for fruit or veggie juice, herbal teas etc. But you must avoid soft drinks, alcohol or caffeine products as they may cause dehydration.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits To Reduce Piles

You add a good amount of citrus fruits to your daily diet which are endowed with such properties that helps in minimizing the chances of piles. Fruits like lemon, oranges, berries, tomatoes, tangerine etc. come into this category of fruits.

Whole Grains Foods

Whole Grains Foods To Reduce Piles

To fight piles problem you must need to include fiber enriched foods to your regular diet as whole grain food items. Whole grain foods preserve high amount of fiber and protein comparing the refined grained foods.But often we miss it in our diet and suffer from constipation which gradually leads to piles. So you must add whole grain foods as whole grain breads, cereals, brown rice and wild rice etc. to your diet plan.


Flaxseed To Reduce Piles

Flaxseed is highly enriched with fiber, omega 3 fatty acids etc. which are extremely effective in eliminating constipation problem and so lowers down the chances of appearing piles. Besides, flaxseed preserves one kind slippery ingredient which softens the stool and helps in defecation and makes the bowel movement easy. You can take 2 tablespoon of flaxseed along with a glass of plain water.


Figs are loaded with great amount of fiber and thus it is very much useful to control piles problem. You can simply dip couple of pieces of figs in water for night long and consume it in the morning on empty stomach to drive away constipation problem and so to keep piles problem away.

Figs To Reduce Piles


Legumes including beans, black beans, soy beans, split peas or kidney beans etc. can be included to regular diet plan to get rid of piles or constipation ailments. As these foods are considered to be the store-house of fiber so they fight strongly against piles problem and along with that assists in digestion process as well as in defecation.

Legumes To Reduce Piles