6 Effective Herbal Remedies to Control Bladder Problems


Herbal Remedies to Control Bladder Problems

The bladder being a balloon shaped organ situated inside the pelvis plays two important roles, one storing the urine and second emptying the urine. The bladder control problem is a condition that puts affect on the proper functioning of the bladder and thus problems arise which may hamper a person’s personal life. Those problems involve frequency and necessity of urination, urinary incontinence, weak flow of urine and trouble in clearing the bladder.

For an elder, the anticipated maximum capacity of the bladder is almost 10-15 ounces. But if they urinate in small duration or they are feeling the pressure in urinating, then they may be experiencing the bladder problems. They need to visit the doctor who can refer them with medications, certain exercises and also surgery if the case is serious. But the bladder control can also be improved with the help of some beneficial herbal remedies.

6 Effective Herbal Remedies to Control Bladder Problems

Cranberry as Herbal Remedy

Cranberry To Control Bladder Problems

Cranberry can be used as a good herbal remedy for controlling the bladder. It will alleviate the symptoms of urinary incontinence. You can prepare unsweetened cranberry juice (12 ounces) and drink daily. You can also take cranberry in the form of tablets (300-400 mg) with the recommendation of doctor.

Horsetail as Herbal Remedy

Horsetail To Control Bladder Problems

Horsetail is a helpful herb in bladder control. Being a natural diuretic the horsetail aids in enhancing the production of urine. It is also considered as herbal cure for the kidney stone formation and also urinary tract infections. You can have 300 mg dosage of horsetail every day. You can also prepare juice of horsetail herb and drink one glass in a day.

Crataeva as Herbal Remedy

Crataeva To Control Bladder Problems

Identified as Crataeva nurvala, crataeva herb will aid in alleviating the urinary incontinence. It has been used as strong herbal cure for many bladder and kidney troubles that also involve urinary stones. You can ingest 3 to 5 (500 mg) tablets containing crataeva each day for some days till you recover from bladder problems. The crataeva herb can also be used in curries.

Green Tea as Herbal Remedy

Green tea contains antioxidant and immune-boosting properties that help in support of bladder health. It will heal all the related issues of bladder control. You can make a cup of green tea (400 mg) on regular basis which will lessen your urinary problem.

Green Tea To Control Bladder Problems

Saw Palmetto as Herbal Remedy

Known to be having therapeutic value, the saw palmetto is beneficial mainly for men who are having urinary problems belonging to the prostate. You can take 160 mg of saw palmetto 2 times a day. Saw palmetto is herb that will cure an enlarged prostate gland identified as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). You can also eat the berries of saw palmetto plant which will lessen the times at night to urinate and also the trickles after urination.

Saw Palmetto To Control Bladder Problems

St. John’s Wort as Herbal Remedy

St. John’s wort is another herbal therapy that will treat the bladder problems and also reduce the symptoms of overactive bladder. You can consume the St. John’s wort herb in the form of capsules under the guidance of your doctor.

Therefore the patients can apply the above herbal remedies for decreasing the bladder problems.

St. John’s Wort To Control Bladder Problems