6 Cooling Homemade Face Masks To Beat The Summer Heat

Homemade Face Masks To Beat The Summer Heat

One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to apply a homemade face pack made with ingredients that cool the skin naturally. The summer heat damages and darkens the skin. A face pack that cools the skin helps in minimizing skin damage. It helps in revitalizing the skin cells. By calming the skin irritation, a cooling facial helps in keeping the skin clear and smooth and minimizes risk of skin problems associated with summer heat.

To Soothe Your Skin And Cool It Naturally, Apply One Of The Following Inexpensive Homemade Face Packs:

1. Yogurt Cooling Mask

Plain yogurt when used topically helps in cooling and soothing the skin. Lactic acid in yogurt is a natural exfoliating agent. It helps in breaking down the dead skin cells that helps in brightening the complexion. To cool your facial skin in the summer, prepare a facial mask by combining three teaspoons of plain yogurt with three tablespoons of honey. On clean dry skin, apply the mixture. Let it sit on the skin for about 15 minutes. Rinse off the mixture with cool water.

Yogurt Cooling Mask

2. Watermelon Face Mask

The water rich watermelon is a popular summer fruit. It cools and hydrates the body and improves the skin health. To cool the skin, apply watermelon-based face mask. To half of a cup of mashed watermelon pulp, add a tablespoon of plain yogurt and a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix the ingredients well. Add three drops of a cooling essential oil such as lavender essential oil or rose essential oil. Evenly spread the mixture on your face. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off with cool water. This face mask will give an instant glow to your skin. Use this cooling face mask at least once a week.

Watermelon Face Mask

3. Cucumber Face Mask

Another cooling summer fruit that works wonders for the skin in the summer is cucumber. A cucumber face mask instantly cools and refreshes the skin. Extract the juice of a cucumber. Mix the juice with fuller’s earth or cosmetic clay to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your face. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse off with cool water.

Cucumber Face Mask

4. Sandalwood Face Pack

Sandalwood is known for its cooling effect on the skin. It soothes the skin and reduces risk of breakouts. Sandalwood powder is traditionally added to face packs and used for lightening the complexion and reducing the excess oiliness of the skin. To prepare a cooling face pack, you will need a tablespoon of sandalwood powder, one tablespoon of milk cream and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix the ingredients well. Apply the mixture to your face and relax for fifteen minutes. Rinse off with water.

Sandalwood Face Pack

5. Mint Face Pack

The mint face pack absorbs the internal heat of the skin. It cools and soothes the skin and keeps it refreshed. Grind fresh mint leaves with some water. Evenly spread the mint leaves paste on your face. Leave it on for twenty to twenty five minutes and then rinse off with water.

Mint Face Pack

6. Coconut Milk And Avocado Face Pack

The coconut milk and avocado face mask is full of moisture that cools and hydrates the skin in the summer. To prepare the face pack you will need 1/8-cup of coconut milk, the pulp of a medium sized avocado and a teaspoon of castor oil. Blend the ingredients. Apply the paste to your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Wipe your face with a cool damp towel.

Coconut Milk And Avocado Face Pack