5 Warning Signs Of Leaky Gut Syndrome That You Should Not Ignore


Warning Signs Of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is not exactly a disease and it is probably the most misunderstood concept in the medical field today. In simplest term, it can be put as a condition when the thin walls lining the small intestine gets ruptured or misaligned. Though the condition is not critical it causes a huge setback. The rupture causes the undigested food sources and the toxic particles that pass through the small intestine to enter our blood vessels. The immune system does not differentiate these as food wastes and assumes them as foreign particles. They attack them like they were designed to do and this causes major inflammation and certain conditions in many parts of your body.

Since the gut ruptures and the waste products get leaked out, the condition rightly assumes the name – Leaky Gut Syndrome. High levels of sugar intake and alcohol along with dairy products are the primary reason for such conditions. It can also be caused due to certain diseases and may occur due to the intake of certain antibiotics and medications. In some cases, even your lifestyle conditions contribute towards it and so does stress. It does not give out any symptoms easily and diagnosing them can be difficult. However, do check out for these common signs. Get a checkup with a physician if you notice these indications and never do take these symptoms lightly. Here are a few of the signs to watch out for.

5 Warning Signs Of Leaky Gut Syndrome That You Should Not Ignore:

1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Since the trouble begins with the intestine, IBS is a common occurrence under such conditions. It is a condition that can cause inflammation to the bowel and can result in diarrhea and other abdominal problems. You might also experience stomach cramps and abdominal pain and these conditions may not get the desired result when you use medications. Diarrhea may be acceptable for a day but a repeated frequency in it can be a sign of leaky gut. Check with your doctor if you are experiencing long term stomach cramps and abdominal pain and if you experience diarrhea that never let’s go.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

2. Tiredness

Though there can be many reasons for exhaustion and tiredness, a leaky gut syndrome could be one of them. The condition indirectly helps in the release of cytokines – a compound that is known to be linked with fatigue. A leaky gut also affects your adrenal glands and exerts pressure on them. As a result of this, you may get tired out easily for no reason. In some cases, the fatigue and tiredness can be chronic and may lead to long term complications. Do not disregard these indications and have a check up with your physician.


3. Inflammation In Skin

A leaky gut pattern can also lead to an outbreak of certain skin conditions such as acne, pimples, and eczema. Once there is a rupture in the intestines, it releases loads of bacteria in your system and many of them have their basic reaction set against your skin. Apart from these, the pathogens too act in the skin blemishes and can cause many skin abrasions. A healthy skin is a sign of a healthy gut and digestive system. Any changes or variations to these can have long term impact on your skin. Check out for these signs and in case they do not heed to the medications do consult with your doctor for a leaky gut.

Inflammation In Skin

4. Joint Pains

Most of the chronic joint pains are usually associated with arthritis, but in some cases, they are linked to a leaky gut syndrome too. The gut is made up of microbes and the healthy microbes contribute majorly to the well being of a person. Any imbalance to these healthy microbes can lead to an accumulation of fluid in the joints and this aggravates the pain in the joint. It can affect a person of any age, unlike arthritis. These can have a long term implication and do check out for any intestinal complications with a doctor if the problem persists.

Joint Pains

5. Mood Swings

There can be many reasons for mood swings both physical as well as psychological, but one of the reasons can be the leaky gut syndrome. Once the harmful bacterium gets released in the blood vessels, they can directly affect the neurons in the brain. This can affect your mood in a negative way. They also lead to a depressed nature and feeling of helplessness. Though there can be many factors that contribute towards this, leaky gut syndrome is also something that you should not ignore. Do have a physical diagnosis with your doctor for such indications of mood swings.

Mood Swings