5 Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency


Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency

If the symptoms and existence of Vitamin D deficiency were known hundreds of years back, Mozart would have lived some more! That is right he died of this deficiency since he could not get enough sunshine. Well that is how important vitamin D is for our body.

Of course no one dies of its deficiency in today’s times. Vitamin D is one of the fat soluble vitamins which means that it gets stored in our body in the fats tissues. This vitamin is a group of 5 vitamins beginning from D1 and ending with D5. It is a vital ingredient when it comes to absorption of calcium in our body.

Without this vitamin, no matter how much your calcium intake is, you would still be suffering from its deficiency. Exposure to sunlight produces this vitamin in our body. So now you have a reason other than the sun kissed cheeks to go out and soak up some sun!

Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Joint Pains

Joint Pains Due To Vitamin D Deficiency

Aching joints and muscles are the first symptom of calcium deficiency. As discussed earlier, it might lead the trail to poor Vitamin D levels in the body which is making calcium absorption difficult. For most of the people the aches begin in the legs as they carry us around all day.However, if there is a deficiency of calcium led by lack of Vitamin D in the body, the usual remedies for aches and rest will not help with the aches. That should be the first indication of calcium deficit.


Asthma Due To Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D has been found to reduce the chances of respiratory diseases in children whereas in adults it controls and discourages the asthmatic attacks. Frequent wheezing, difficulty in breathing and Asthma attacks can be an indication of Vitamin D deficiency. In individuals who are prone to Asthma, the intensity of attacks is reduced by vitamin D.

Gum Problems

Gum Problems Due To Vitamin D Deficiency

Persistent swelling, degeneration and bleeding in the gums in spite of maintaining good hygiene could be a direct result of Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D boosts the production of defensins compound in the body which are responsible for controlling the growth of bacteria in the mouth.If even after scaling and other dental remedies, the swelling and bleeding in the gums does not subside, you must get yourself checked for a Vitamin D deficiency.

Severe Premenstrual syndrome

In short known as PMS, it is aggravated in calcium deficient bodies. Women suffering from Vitamin D deficiency will automatically have low calcium levels which will have direct bearing on the PMS as well as menstrual cycle. Heavy bleeding may be a constant in such women.During PMS extreme irritability and bouts of depressions are common amongst such ladies. This happens as Vitamin D balances the production of mood regulating hormone called Melatonin.

PMS Due To Vitamin D Deficiency

General Fatigue

Fatigue can take place and is a symptom of many other maladies. In case of Vitamin D deficiency the weakness and fatigue will not recede even after adequate rest. The person may feel groggy and experience lack of focus. Restlessness is a another symptom that is associated with the fatigue.These basically create a vicious circle. Vitamin D deficiency is mostly found in cold countries in northern hemisphere that receive hardly any sunlight. Pregnant women and teenage girls have higher needs of this vitamin. You can take Vitamin D supplements and modify your diet to include vitamin D rich diet.

Fatigue Due To Vitamin D Deficiency