5 Simple Tips to Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus


Our foot is the most neglected part of the body though there is no reason. So, most of us suffer various foot related problems and one of them is toenail fungus. This problem occurs when water and dirt trapped inside nails and causes fungal infections. This is known as ‘onychomcosis’ in medical term. It is a very embarrassing situation causing swelling, yellowing, and pain. in acute cases nails crumble and if it is not treated early there is a permanent toe nail loss. Causes of toenail fungus are weak health, poor immunity system, constant wearing of dirty and sweaty shoes and socks, poor hygiene, lack of exposure to sun, diabetes and many more things. So, cure toenail fungus as early as possible. You may get various creams and lotions over the counter to treat toenail fungus quickly

There Are Various Simple Home Remedies That May Treat Toenail Fungus


Turmeric is a great natural product to treat toenail fungus. Turmeric has antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It effectively treats and reduces pain and inflammation cause due to fungal infection. Take some freshly ground turmeric powder and mix it in plain water to make a smooth paste in a bowl. Keep the bowl for a minute or two on the oven to make it slightly hot. Apply that hot turmeric paste on your toe nails. Leave it as long as possible so that your toenails get adequate time to absorb the turmeric.



Fenugreek is an excellent natural medicine for toenail fungus. Fenugreek has antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic properties and for this reason it works well on any type of infection including bacterial and fungal infection. Soak some fenugreek seeds in water to get soft. Grind them to paste. Apply thick layer of fenugreek paste on fungus infected nails. Leave them for hours or two. Then wash with plain water. But do not forget to wipe your nails dry because wetness aggravates the infection.

Fenugreek Seeds

Coconut Oil And Camphor

Cook coconut oil and camphor in a pot for five minutes. Then massage this oil on your fungus infected nails. Keep it for a long time for better absorption. Use it daily to obtain the result.


Garlic And Mustard Oil

Garlic contains antifungal property which effectively treats fungal infection of toe. Crush some garlic to paste. Mix a few drops of pure mustard oil. Mix well and apply a thick layer of garlic paste on nails. Mustard oil is great for skin and it enhances immunity power of the skin. Daily application of this paste may help in treating toe nail fungus. mustard

Neem Leaves

Neem leaves is an excellent natural product for any type of infection including toenail fungal. Crush some fresh neem leaves and extract the juice. Preserve the juice in the refrigerator. With the help of a cotton ball apply this neem juice on your infected nails twice or thrice daily. It will help in the speedy recovery of toenail fungus.

Neem Leaves

Here home remedies are not enough. You just have to maintain good hygiene. Be sure that every time you wear socks it is washed and dry. Keep your shoes dirt free and keep it under sunshine for hours at least twice in a week. Avoid wearing covered shoes at least when you are suffering from toenail fungus. Every time you wash your toe, be sure that it is later dried in a proper way. Along with eat nutritious foods to boost up your immunity system. All these methods will help you to treat toenail fungus naturally.