5 Simple Life Hacks That Can Boost Your Immunity


5 Simple Life Hacks That Can Boost Your Immunity

Many times we take our immune system for granted and many times we assume that no matter what we do or immune system would do its job and protect us from various ailments. Well, we couldn’t have been more wrong as the immune system is an interconnected piece of mesh work and they work their best only when they are taken care of adequately. Meaning – our immunity depends on the level on which we keep the system fit and fine. This is easier said than done as our immune system is prone to tons of infections and viral attacks – both from outside and inside. The standard line which you might hear is to eat healthy food and all will be fine with your immune system.

However, in many instances, these alone would never be sufficient. You might require a lot more to keep them functioning without any breakdown and this can be achieved by following some simple life hacks and habits that can be beneficial to you and your immune system. Never compromise on these simple but trustworthy practices that can be beneficial in boosting up your immunity. Let us look at a few such habits that can be worthy for you.

5 Simple Life Hacks that Can Boost Your Immunity:

1. Up Your Water Intake:

Your body is in a way made up of fluids and water. Hence it is only logical that you benefit them by hydrating it and keeping them engaged with water. Water is mandatory to flush out the toxins from your body. Once the toxins are removed, oxygen flows freely into your cells – thus making them effective against infections and illness. Also, adequate water is needed for the digestion process. Water aids in breaking up the food molecules and necessitates enough absorption of the nutrients. Over all, drinking enough water makes your immune system hale and hearty.

Up Your Water Intake

2. Get Some Sun’s Ray:

No, we are not talking about taking a stroll when the sun is at its peak and you become drenched in sweat. We are talking about the early morning rays that can be beneficial for your health. Sunlight on our skin can be beneficial for short durations and promotes the reproduction of Vitamin D. This greatly supports immunity and can be beneficial in controlling infections. Walk for short duration in the morning hours or you can take short breaks to walk in the sun, but no more than 10 minutes. Do not use sunscreen in these stretches.

Get Some Sun’s Ray

3. Breakfast:

The name might suggest something – “break the fast”. Our body after a good night’s rest would look forward to taking in energy and nutrients for the day. However, in our busy schedule we many times skip it. This is completely hazardous and remember to never ever leave out breakfast from your daily schedule. Better pack them with fruits and fruit smoothies in case the regular breakfast doesn’t work out for you. The nutrients got early in the day can be absorbed by your immune system and can be beneficial in keeping your health sane and healthy.


4. Daily Walks:

Immunity not only depends on a good nutrient intake but also some external factors. One of the major aspects that contribute for this is the number of steps that we do in our walk. Walking is the most basic and the fittest form of exercise that can be done by everyone. Walking allows your blood circulation to be freer and once this occurs, the immunity of your cells become more functional. Also, they also help out in the cell rejuvenation and are beneficial in their longevity. Take some 500 to 1000 steps every day. Better, take them in the morning when the effects are in full force.

Daily Walks

5. Body Hygiene:

The immunity stages in your body can be attributed to major aspect and that is the body hygiene which we maintain. We may be having the best nutrient rich foods and would be maintaining a healthy life style, but without proper body hygiene, all these factors get nullified. In many instances, the germs and infections enter into your body through outside channels and it is important to maintain the cleanliness. Wash your hands regularly and use a hand sanitizer whenever washing is not an option. Brush and floss regularly and make use of a mouthwash at least twice a day. Whenever possible shower in hot water and later switch to lukewarm water.

Body Hygiene

Apart from these meditate once in a day to absorb the positivity and reduce the consumption of sugar as it does not make any effort to work your immune levels. Get enough sleep and do make an effort to stop smoking and limit your drinking sojourns.  Follow these simple hacks and tips to maintain and improve your immunity levels.