5 Possible Side Effects of Acupuncture


Side Effects of Acupuncture

Acupuncture, which originated in China, is a complementary system of healing that involves the penetration of specific points of the skin with fine filiform needles to restore balance and encourage the body to heal itself. This safe and effective alternative treatment technique has been used to treat different kinds of health disorders for centuries. The stimulation of specific points of the body with fine needles not only helps to balance the flow of energy (also known as chi) but it also improves blood circulation and aids in alleviating pain.

Although acupuncture is to a large extent a safe treatment method it does have some side effects. However, the side effects which are associated with this alternative treatment option are not life threatening and last for only a short duration of time. Through this article we will examine the side effects involved with this procedure.

Side Effects of Acupuncture


Soreness Due To Acupuncture

This is probably the most common side effect or contraindication of acupuncture treatment procedure. The insertion of fine needles in specific parts of the body can leave a person feeling sore. People who have undergone this procedure may complain of considerable tenderness on their hands and feet. Some people also experience a good deal of muscle pain or soreness after completing an acupuncture treatment session. Typically, the feeling of soreness / pain does not last for more than one day.

Damage to Organs

Damage To Organs Due To Acupuncture

There have been instances of people experiencing organ damage after undergoing acupuncture treatment. Injury or damage to organs occur when the acupuncture therapist inadvertently inserts the fine filiform acupuncture needles too deeply into the skin. Pushing the needles deeply into the skin can pierce vital organs of the body like the lungs and / or the kidneys. To avoid such dangerous consequences, it is vital that you approach only a certified acupuncture therapist, to undergo this alternative treatment technique.


Fatigue Due To Acupuncture

A lot of people complain of extreme fatigue or feeling of tiredness after undergoing an acupuncture treatment procedure. This particular side effect of acupuncture is especially common among people who are experiencing this alternative treatment option for the very first time. The feeling of exhaustion after undergoing an acupuncture treatment session should not cause first time patients to panic unduly. Instead, patients are advised to take plenty of rest after an acupuncture session to feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated the next day.


This is an uncommon side effect of acupuncture. Some people who have undergone acupuncture may complain of light headedness or dizziness. There have also been instances of people fainting soon after completing an acupuncture session. However, this particular side effect of acupuncture is experienced by people very rarely. If a person feels lightheaded or nauseous after undergoing an acupuncture treatment, then that individual is advised to sit quietly for a couple of minutes and to breathe deeply. This can instantly alleviate the feeling of faintness.

Lightheadedness Due To Acupuncture


The appearance of minor hematomas or slight bruising is quite common after undergoing deeper acupuncture techniques. The insertion of acupuncture needles into the body will puncture the skin and may occasionally rupture small blood vessels as well. This in turn can cause blood to pool or collect just below the skin surface (superficial bleeding). Bruises which develop after an acupuncture session may take a week or more to disappear. However, most acupuncture practitioners make slight adjustments to their treatment technique to significantly reduce the chances of bruising.

Bruising Due To Acupuncture