5 Incredible Uses Of Coconut Butter On Your Skin

No matter what type of season we have, some skin factors never tend to leave us for good. Issues such as excessive sweating, sunburns, and dry skins can plague you everywhere and the dust and pollution aren’t going to do anything favorable to you. You have to take some extra care to protect your skin. Now don’t go swapping across the magazines for the best skin product lotion. Most of them are chemical based and you are better off without using them. Make the best use of some naturally available products for the betterment of your skin. Getting a dilemma as to which products to use? Try out Coconut butter. Coconut butter is one of the extracts made out of coconut oil. It has all the benefits of coconut oil and much more. It has a unique combination of fatty acids and has ample dosages of antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal properties. Furthermore, coconut butter can be used on par with the ever affluent Shea butter that s extremely beneficial for your skin.Let us look at its many uses for the skin in your everyday lives.

 5 Incredible Uses Of Coconut Butter On Your Skin:

1. Use It Against Sunburn:

 Summer can be a cool and an exciting way to get a suntan and hitting the beach, but too much exposure to the sun is strictly a no for your skin. UV rays can have a direct impact on your skin aging and in some cases can lead to melanoma. Try Coconut butter for getting relief against sunburns. Its nourishing properties can be beneficial for skin peeling and can moisturize your skin from within. Rub some virgin coconut butter on your skin before you step out. Do not get a delusion that it is butter and it may be sticky on your skin. Coconut butters are nonsticky and it can be extremely gentle on your skin. You do not specifically need to apply any sunscreen if you are applying coconut butter while stepping out.

2. Use It Against Acne:

Acne seems to be synonymous with the coming of age. It is no secret that half the teens out there dread this period when their soft skin gets prone to acnes and pimples. Sweat is the major reason for this. It mixes with dust and oil on your skin and clogs your pores. The result is an outbreak of pimples of various sizes that mask your face. Do not go in for the various chemical laden creams available over the counter. Give coconut butter a try. Its mild cleanser can be gentle on your skin and at the same time can be beneficial in controlling the acne levels. Apply coconut butter to your skin and face generously before you hit the bed. If possible mix it with a few drops of olive oil for deep absorption. In the morning wash them and clean the residue with a soft towel. Use this route regularly till the acne levels diminish.

3. Use It Against Body Odor:

Almost 70% of the population generally has a sweaty body type. They might experience this condition even when they do not do any work. Such people have to rely on deodorants for keeping the odor under control. Try out coconut butter for a change. Before you take a bath apply coconut butter on your skin and under arms and after letting it absorb for some time, wash it off. Coconut butter has lauric acid that can be beneficial in controlling the bacteria that cause bad odor. Try it out for a few weeks and you can notice visible changes.

4. Use It Against Frizzy Hair:

Frizzy hair is the biggest irritation one can get in an otherwise active day. It hampers the normal wavy nature of your hair and makes them uncouth and hard to the tip. Unfortunately, even our lifestyle does not do us any good and it simply enhances the frizzy nature of our hair. But put aside this anxiousness now as coconut butter is here at hand. It has additional moisturizing agents that can be beneficial for your hair and you can start feeling the difference from the initial use. Warm up some coconut butter in a pan and apply it on your scalp and hair tips. Gently massage for some time and wrap a steamed up towel on your head. Let it rest for about 30 minutes and later give your hair a fine rinse with a mild shampoo. Avoid blow drying your hair for some weeks when you use these methods.

5. Use It Against Dry Skin:

The changing seasons may have a direct effect on your skin and the unpredictable climate can leave your skin dried out and itchy. Also, just like your internal organs, the skin needs to be hydrated too in equal measures. Leave it to coconut butter to take care of this prelude. Apply generous dabs of coconut butter on your skin before you shower. Wait for some 30 minutes and then take a shower. Later use a mild moisturizer so that the skin retains its moisture. Also, avoid overuse of soap and other body washes when you use coconut butter.