5 Homeopathic Medicines For Gaining Healthy Weight


Homeopathic Medicines For Gaining Healthy Weight

While we usually worry about the dangers of being obese or overweight, we overlook the health risks of being underweight. Usually an underlying healthy disorder prevents weight gain. However, nowadays eating disorders are a leading cause of unhealthy weight loss. People who are underweight have a higher risk of infections, osteoporosis and infertility. Stimulating appetite and restoring healthy eating habits help in gaining healthy body weight. There are certain effective homeopathic remedies that by treating the underlying cause of unintended weight loss help in restoring the normal body mass index. Free from side effects, you can take the homeopathic medicines for a longer time to maintain healthy body weight.

The Following Homeopathic Remedies Can Benefit People Who Are Underweight

1. Ignatia

Anorexia and bulimia are two eating disorders that cause unhealthy weight loss. People who suffer from these eating disorders are obsessed with their body weight. They eat very small amounts of food or they binge to satisfy their cravings and then purge. Ignatia is a homeopathic remedy that helps in treating these eating disorders. It helps in overcoming fear of becoming fat and improves the emotional health. By restoring the normal eating habit, Ignatia helps in regaining the healthy body weight. Ignatia is also recommended for treating constipation related loss of appetite.


2. Lycopodium

Lycopodium is recommended for children and adolescents who do not gain weight despite a big appetite. They feel full after eating a small amount of food that prevents them from gaining healthy body weight. This homeopathic remedy also helps in treating bloating, flatulence and constipation and improves the digestive health.


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3. Alfalfa Tonic

Alfalfa is a homeopathic tonic for improving appetite and gaining weight. It helps in preventing muscle loss and restores the normal fat production. This tonic helps in improving the health of people suffering from malnutrition, nervous indigestion and bulimia.

Alfalfa Tonic


4. Sepia

Aversion to food because of sensitivity to smell is a major obstacle for weight gain. Sepia is a homeopathic remedy that helps in restoring the normal appetite and improves the eating habit. This remedy also works for appetite loss caused by hormonal imbalance. Sepia is effective in treating weight loss related to anorexia.



5. Calcarea Phosphorica

Calcarea Phosphorica is a wonderful remedy for underweight children and teenagers. It helps in strengthening the bones, improving digestion and increasing the energy level. It helps in preventing muscle wasting and provides relief from gastrointestinal disorders that prevent weight gain.

Calcarea Phosphorica