5 Homemade Fairness Hand Scrubs You Must Try


Homemade Fairness Hand Scrubs You Must Try

Usually hands can be a cause of beauty setback, because they tend to get twice darker than the colour of your face. When not looked after and pampered, they get much worse than just darker. They start wrinkling and sagging. They get dry and start developing rashes that are itchy and make the skin inflamed, chapped and damaged. You might be using different cosmetics, but not all come with the guarantee of no side effects. If you want your hands to twin the beauty of your face without going through the trauma of side effects, simply use the below listed 5 homemade hand scrubs we have exclusively listed for you.

1. Gram Flour And Orange Peel

Make an orange peel pack by grinding it. Mix one teaspoon peel mash with half teaspoon gram flour. Apply the paste on your hands, including the elbows. Massage it gently, especially around the knuckles, elbows and scars. Wash with cold water after 15 to 20 minutes. Use twice daily. Orange peel is an amalgamation of fibres, vitamins and antioxidants. Rich in Vitamin C, it focuses on fading marks, scars, spots and pigmentation. It also keeps the skin hydrated, fresh and tight, because it a natural astringent. Gram flour, with the minerals it is blessed with, keeps a check on melanin content.

Gram Flour And Orange Peel

2. Himalayan Pink Salt And Aloe Vera

Mash aloe vera to get natural gel paste. Crush coarse Himalayan pink salt to fine particles. Add half teaspoon crushed salt with aloe pulp and massage on your hand once every day for 20 minutes. Wash with ice cold water and top it up with a moisturizer. Himalayan salt improves skin’s texture by keeping the pH balanced. It also kills germs and bacteria, and fades discoloration, tanning and pigmentation. Aloe vera moisturizes inflamed skin and makes cells energetic and plump.

Himalayan Pink Salt And Aloe Vera

3. Green Tea Residue And Fuller’s Earth

Add about 2 teaspoons cold green tea residue with one fourth teaspoon fuller’s earth. Massage the moist paste on your hands for 10 minutes. Use thrice everyday and moisturize immediately. Green tea is a plumping antioxidant that combats itching, inflammation and pigmentation. It ensures that the hands stay wrinkle free and spotless. Fuller’s earth is a fairness warehouse that keeps skin hydrated even in winters.

Green Tea Residue And Fuller’s Earth

4. Sugar And Papaya

Mix half teaspoon sugar beads with cold mashed papaya. Apply the paste on your hands. Let the coolness reduce inflammation before you start scrubbing it. Massage the paste for not more than 10 minutes. Wash with tap water. Use once daily.

Sugar absorbs sweat particles combined dust, pollution, trapped germs and even blackheads. Enzymes like papain in papaya improve collagen’s quality. It targets blackness and bacteria, and reduces pigmentation from within.

Sugar And Papaya

5. Tomato And Rice Powder

Grind raw rice to form a powder. Mix 1 teaspoon rice powder with 1 teaspoon tomato puree with seeds. Scrub your hands for 5 to 10 minutes with the paste. Wash with cold water. Do not use on sensitive skin. Stop if the skin inflames or itches. Use once daily.

Rice powder absorbs every single bacteria, dirt and dust particle. It makes the skin pure and improves its tone and makes the skin spotless, rosy and fair. It also works as natural tan removing agent. Tomato having a shot of Lycopene combats scars by bleaching them layer by layer.

Tomato And Rice Powder

The above listed 5 home made fairness hand scrubs are ideal ways to make the hands younger, flawless and well toned. They are mild and gentle on skin and cause no harm.