5 Effective Homeopathy Treatments To Reduce Hair Fall



A large number of people swear about the effectiveness of homeopathic treatments in preventing hair fall and promoting hair re-growth. Although excessive hair fall is a common problem, the underlying cause of hair loss varies from person to person. Even when the cause of excess hair fall is the same, the most effective homeopathic treatment for reversing hair loss depends upon the constitutional symptoms of a person such as the physical appearance, metal state and eating habits.

The Following Homeopathic Medicines Are Considered Best For Reducing Hair Fall

Thuja/ Kali Sulphuricum

Dandruff is one of the most common cases of excess hair fall. Dandruff irritates the hair follicles, which causes inflammation of the hair follicles, thereby increasing hair loss and slowing down hair growth. Furthermore, the dry skin flakes clog the hair follicles that prevent the hair from growing freely. When hair loss is associated with dandruff, homeopaths recommend Thuja occidentalis for treating the scalp condition and arresting hair loss. Thuja is especially suitable for treating white dandruff. However, when the dandruff has a yellowish color, the homeopathic medicine Kali sulphuricum is a better choice.



A popular homeopathic medicine that helps in arresting hair loss and stimulating hair growth is Silicea. This medicine nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles. It works best for people who are susceptible to excessive perspiration of the feet, suffer from frequent headaches, especially on the right side of the head and are sensitive to cold.


Lycopodium Clavatum

For young people suffering from excessive hair fall that leads to premature balding, Lycopodium clavatum can help in stopping hair loss. This homeopathic remedy is recommended for people who frequently suffer from digestive disorders and usually have cravings for sweet and hot foods.


Natrum Muriaticum

Excessive hair fall is a common problem in women after delivery. Another common cause of hair fall is anemia. When both these factors are responsible for hair fall, the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum can help.



Excess hair fall and thin, dry and brittle hair are common symptoms of anemia. Homeopaths recommend Borax for treating hair loss caused by anemia. It also helps in strengthening the hair and reduces hair breakage and tangling.