5 Effective Home Remedies for Prickly Heat

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a common problem especially in summer. It is also known as miliaria.In summer we sweat most and sweat accompanied with dirt clogs the pores of the skin. This gear up the bacterial infection and red, bumpy prickly heat comes out on skin. But there is nothing to worry. There are some effective home remedies for prickly heat. Very simple home products like ice or ice cool water help to cure prickly heat when it is applied on skin regularly. Apart from that sandalwood, gram flour, oatmeal, etc. do wonder to cure and prevent prickly heat. There are many more things. To know them just click the link below.

Natural-homeremedies – 5 Effective Home Remedies for Prickly Heat

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