5 DIY Lip Balms For Lustrous Lips


DIY Lip Balms For Lustrous Lips

Summer is here and so has reddened, chapped, dried out and even peeled lips. Despite of high humidity, lips go through, blazing sun, scorching heat and a lot of wear and tear. A good lip balm can rescue your lips and make them luscious and soft. It is extremely easy, affordable and simple to make a lip balm. And you know what? You can customize these DIY lip balms to your favorite color or favorite flavor.

Here Are Some Variants Of Lip Balms You Can Make At Home:

1. Quick Lip Balm

As the name suggests, making this lip balm is a matter of just a few minutes, that too with ingredients that are easily available.


Petroleum Jelly: 1 tbsp
Edible color: 1 tsp
Extract(of your choice): 1 tsp


Heat the petroleum jelly in a double boiler or microwave it for 15 seconds. Once it has liquefied add edible color in it. Instead of edible color you may also add a piece of your favorite lipstick in it. Mix uniformly. Add a little juice or your favorite extract. Give it a nice stir. Store in a glass container and cover with lid. Allow it to set.

Petroleum Jelly

2. Healing Lip Balm

This lip balm is an excellent combination of smooth butter and peppermint that will soothe your lips and also relieve your sinuses when you are suffering from allergies and cold.


Peppermint essential oil: 5 drops
Vitamin E oil: 5 drops
Shea butter: 1 tbsp
Sweet almond oil: 2 tbsp
Chopped beeswax: 1 tbsp


Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl and melt them in a double boiler. Stir and mix uniformly. Pour in a container and allow it to cool. Once it has cooled and set, you can take a dime size on your finger and dab on lips.

Healing Lip Balm

3. Cocoa Spearmint Lip Balm

While this lip balm will moisturize your lips well and soothe chapped lips, it is light enough to be worn all year round.


Grated cocoa butter: 2 tbsp
Grated Beeswax: 2 tbsp
Olive Oil: 1 tbsp
Spearmint essential oil: 25-30 drops
Vitamin E oil: 2 tsp


Put all the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 15 seconds. Give a nice stir and heat for another 15 seconds. Give another stir. Pour out in a tin or glass container. Allow it to set and cover with a lid.

Cocoa Spearmint Lip Balm

4. Minty Chocolate Lip Balm

This super-smelling lightly tinted lip balm recipe will give you the required cover and smoothen out your lips perfectly. Go ahead and try it. Its fun!!!


Grated beeswax: 1 tbsp
Shea butter: ½ tbsp
Coconut oil: ¼ tbsp
Cocoa butter ¼ tbsp
Honey: 1 tsp
Peppermint essential oil: 10-15 drops


Add cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax to a double boiler and heat. Once all these ingredients have melted, add essential oil and honey. Mix with help of a spoon or spatula. Once all the ingredients are incorporated and the mixture is smooth, transfer to a glass or tin container. Let it cool.

Minty Chocolate Lip Balm

5. Luscious Lemon Lip Balm

This Lip balm does not incorporate use of vaseline or beeswax and instead make use of candelilla wax.


Candelilla wax: ½ tbsp
Olive oil: 2 tbsp
Shea butter: 1 tbsp
Lemon essential oil: 10 drops
Castor oil: 1 tsp (optional)


Take a microwave safe bowl. Add Candelilla wax, shea butter, olive oil and heat it in microwave for 20 seconds. Take out and stir well. Add lemon essential oil and mix again. If you want to make the lip balm shiner, add castor oil and mix until a mixture of uniform consistency has formed. Transfer to a container and allow it to cool. Whenever required, dab a dime sized amount on your lips with help of a finger.

Luscious Lemon Lip Balm


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