5 DIY Home Remedies For Grey Hair

5 DIY Home Remedies For Grey Hair

Eeks! That is the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you spot your first grey hair! Rarely will you find someone who is ready and happy to sport a grey hair. If so had been the case you wouldn’t be having so many grey coverage solutions, hair colors and hair dyes flooding the market. But they damage hair and thus you need hair loss treatments. Grey hair is not something that occurs only to the old. These days you are bound to find people in their early teens and twenties with grey hair, thanks to irregular and unhealthy food habits, unhealthy and stressful lifestyle, and artificial hair treatments from an early age to blame.

However artificial treatments like hair dyes or colors are not advisable to be used as a remedy to cure grey hair as their long-term effects are disastrous and can directly affect your health. There are natural cures for grey hair that you must consider in this respect if you are looking for a permanent cure to your greying hair. Hair loss treatments like henna work as preventers for loss of hair, while adding natural color.

1. Increase Melanocyte Intake

One of the best ways to cure hair greying is by following natural herbal cure remedies. Natural cures for grey hair come from the very root of their cause. Hair greying occurs mainly due to absence of certain vitamins, minerals or essential food products in your body that creates a deficiency resulting in hair greying especially at a young age. The absence of melanocytes causes hair greying. A safe way to increase the same would be through animal products like dairy, eggs, lean meats, etc. Green and dark leafy vegetables are another source of the same. Consuming these supplements helps as a hair loss treatment, while further preventing growth of grey hair.

Increase Melanocyte Intake

2. Have More Of Vitamin B

To begin with include a lot of Vitamin B products in your diet, as it is the deficiency of Vitamin B that causes hair greying. There is a Chinese herb called He Shou Wu that is a natural herbal remedy to cure grey hair development. It can be consumed in fresh or dried forms for enhancing hair colour. Vitamin B supplements are available in the market but you should try to focus on eating natural foods like mushrooms, eggs, fish, salmon, etc. Eat lot of green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce, as these too will prevent your hair from greying fast.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables


3. Have More Of Nut And Seeds

Nuts are high in not only different kinds of vitamins like E and b6, but they are also high on minerals like iron, zinc and copper. Certain seeds like sunflower seeds are known for providing these minerals and nutrients to the body, which reduces hair greying. You can also have other kinds of flower seeds to prevent premature greying of hair.

Nuts And Seeds

4. Exercise And Meditate

Apart from this an easy way for avoiding hair greying is yoga and meditation, which would decrease the stress levels considerably. Exercise also helps to rejuvenate cells and gets rid of toxins, which is essential for improving overall hair quality. Meditation helps ward of symptoms of anxieties that promote hair greying. You can also try yoga postures like cobra pose, triangle pose and plough pose, which balance hormones and prevent thyroid related greying of hair.


5. Get More Sleep

You should also ensure that you sleep well in the night (at least 7-8 hours) as this too reduces levels of stress. Stress can cause a havoc and lead to premature greying, so prevent the same by getting the right amount of sleep.

Proper Sleep