5 Best Vitamins For Diabetes Treatment


Vitamins For Diabetes Treatment Diabetes is a health conditions that affects millions of people worldwide. It is related to poor blood sugar control wherein excess sugar remains in the blood which causes high blood sugar levels in individuals. In Type 1 diabetes patients, due to the lack of insulin signal the sugar is unable to enter cells. In Type 2 diabetes patients, the cells do not respond to the insulin signal at all.

This gives rise to high sugar levels in the blood stream in both the cases, which causes many complications in the body. Diabetics can benefit a great deal by taking vitamin supplements as these help the body to fight with the free radicals and provide effective healing from many nutritional deficiencies. Vitamins should be an integral part of an effective diabetes treatment plan, and it is best to get them from natural food sources as far as possible.

Best Vitamins For Diabetes Treatment

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Reduce Diabetes Vitamin C is very effective in diabetes treatment. It provides patients with many health benefits, including the strengthening of the immune system, vision protection and decreased cardiovascular disease risk.It helps prevent damage to the blood vessels when the patient takes vitamin C along with insulin. All citrus fruits, especially berries are the most beneficial as a natural source of vitamin C for diabetes patients.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E Reduce Diabetes Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is very beneficial for diabetes patients as it helps prevent damage from the free radicals, thus protecting the cells from any harm.It helps improve immunity and also controls cholesterol levels which can harden the arteries of diabetic patients. Thus, it helps decrease the risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attack. It also helps improve eye health. Walnuts and flaxseeds are the best natural sources of vitamin E.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Reduce Diabetes Vitamin D helps reduce complications in diabetes patients and also increases the sensitivity to insulin. In fact, a deficiency of vitamin D can affect blood sugar levels which make it more difficult to control diabetes.Vitamin D also helps improve the patient’s overall health and reduce pains and aches in the body. The major source of vitamin D happens to be sunlight, and only a few foods like fatty fish contain significant amounts. Fortified cereals and foods can also be taken, along with yogurt and cheese.

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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Reduce Diabetes Vitamin B12 helps support the digestive system and keeps the glucose levels in check. It is also very beneficial for diabetic patients and is important for formation of red blood cells and efficient neurological function.Vitamin B12 supplements can be taken along with foods rich in this vitamin as an excess amount is simply excreted from the body. Liver, fish, meat, cheese, and eggs are some of the natural food sources that contain vitamin B12.

Vitamin K

New studies indicate that vitamin K may have a beneficial role to play in insulin resistance. Its supplementation for 36 months helps to improve insulin resistance in older women and men, according to research studies.More research is underway in this regard to find the exact role vitamin K plays in insulin and glucose metabolism. An observational study indicates that higher intake of vitamin K through supplements and diet can increase insulin sensitivity and improve the glycemic status in women and men.

Vitamin K Reduce Diabetes