5 Best Herbal Remedies For Child Anxiety


Herbal Remedies For Child Anxiety

Children can go through nervous state or they might have faced a threat for which their body can endure biochemical changes that generate anxiety feelings in them. They might be afraid in any situation or their classmates might be bullying them at times. A past memory can even haunt them because of which they may be anxious from within.

Anxiety can also rise in children due to trembling, restlessness, obsessive thoughts, faintness, breathing problem, sweating, phobia or stress from school work. Anxiety can also give them distress which is known to be anxiety disorder might continue for few days. If you as a parent are noticing that your child is having anxiety trouble, it is always proper to show a doctor who can help you with medications and therapies.

You being a parent should support your child in overcoming their anxieties as soon as possible. If they undergo the anxiety problem for longer periods of time, it may affect their health too and their daily life can also get disturbed. In order to get rid of anxiety you can also get your child cured through a few effective herbal remedies. You have to boost your children to take these herbs for some days till they triumph over their anxiety.

5 Valuable Herbal Remedies For Child Anxiety.

Valerian as Herbal Remedy

Valerian Reduce Child Anxiety

Valerian herb can be used to cure the anxiety that has happened to your child. You can take dry valerian root and rhizomes and mash them in powder form. Then you can prepare tea by adding the valerian powder to the warm water.You can also have it in the form of pills or tinctures. Though your child might feel sleepy, but the anxiety will finally lower down completely. You can also mix valerian powder in a bucket of water and bath your child in it. It won’t cause any physical hangover the next day.

Kava Kava as Herbal Remedy

Kava Kava Reduce Child Anxiety

Kava being a rhizome helps your child in giving relaxation physically and mentally too and heals the anxiety problem soon. It will just calm down their muscles, soothes their nerves and brings them back to normal feeling.You can either add the kava herb in your cooked food or you can have it in tablet form. You can even put some kava powder in a glass of water and stir it and give your child to drink it once a day which will lessen their anxiety.

Lavender as Herbal Remedy

Lavender Reduce Child Anxiety

Lavender is a flavored herb which has its capability to fend off anxiety from your child. Being general tonic lavender is also a natural herb. You can include lavender herb pieces in your tea or it can be utilized as oil for inhalation.You can even massage its oil on the body for getting a soothing effect. You can put some lavender oil in the water and bath in it for relaxation. You can also sprinkle a small cup of lavender flowers in a tub of warm water and have a good bath.

Lemon Balm as Herbal Remedy

Lemon Balm To Reduce Child Anxiety

Lemon balm is a nerve tonic that calms your nervous system and it isn’t drowsy too. It is absolutely safe for your child as it has no side effects. You can have the herb in tea as you add the crushed herb. You can also rub the skin of your child with the powder of lemon balm and keep it in that way overnight.In the morning you can wash those areas. Repeat this process for few days and you’ll check that the anxiety has reduced in your child.

Winter Cherry as Herbal Remedy

Winter Cherry Reduce Child Anxiety

Winter cherry which is identified as Ashwagandha root is a root of evergreen shrub. It can treat your child’s anxiety as it enhances their body resistance from stress. This herb can also decrease their physical and mental tiredness.You can give winter cherry for 3-6 weeks to your child for positive results. Therefore children can make use of the above herbal remedies and ward off their anxiety.

5 Best Herbal Remedies For Child Anxiety