5 Best Food That Cure Asthma


Best Food That Cure Asthma Many people, from children to adults, suffer from asthma all over the world. This is a chronic health condition that is caused by inflammation in the airways and causes symptoms like difficulty in breathing, wheezing, cheat tightness and persistent cough. The symptoms seem to get worse during the night and early in the mornings. An asthma attack can be very distressing and a life-threatening condition if proper care is not taken. Diet seems to play a major role in this chronic disease as studies have proved.

A poor diet that includes processed foods and an unhealthy lifestyle can worsen the condition. Diet modifications are necessary if you want to overcome asthma and lead a better quality life. Research shows that certain foods are very beneficial for people suffering from asthma and these should be included in their daily diet for a better management of the condition. Given here are some of the best foods that should be regularly taken by adults and children alike as a cure for asthma.

Best Foods That Cure Asthma


Garlic To Relief Asthma Garlic contains substances called allicin that provide it strong anti-inflammatory properties that help cure asthma by reducing the inflammation in the lungs of people suffering from this condition.Its powerful antioxidant properties help to build immunity and prevent asthma, especially if given to children. Garlic should be added to cooking and chopped pieces can also be added to salads on regular basis.


Apples To Relief Asthma Apples are very beneficial for people suffering from asthma. Apple contains compounds called flavonoids that help to open up the airways, thus helping the patient to breathe easier. Studies indicate that people who eat apples regularly are at lower risk of developing asthma.So, have an apple along with the peels everyday to get its best health benefits. This food is packed with the best of vitamins and minerals which will help boost your immunity.


Carrots To Relief Asthma Carrots are rich sources of antioxidants called beta-carotene which get converted into vitamin A in our body and help prevent the triggering of asthma due to exercises.Beta-carotene also helps boost our immune system and builds the body’s resistance to allergies which can cause asthma. Have raw carrots in your salads every day and drink carrot juice regularly to get its best health benefits.

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Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables To Relief Asthma Green leafy vegetables like spinach are very good natural sources of magnesium that is very useful as a cure for asthma.Studies indicate that people suffering from asthma often have low levels of magnesium in their body, so make it a point to eat plenty of leafy vegetables. These vegetables also contain folate that helps to suppress any allergic reactions in your body, thus helping cure asthma.

Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds To Relief Asthma You should consume flax seeds regularly if you are suffering from asthma. This food is packed with omega3 fatty acids and plenty of magnesium which are beneficial in the treatment of asthma.Magnesium can help to open up your airways and allow easier breathing. Omega3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation in the airways. So, sprinkle powdered flax seeds on your salads regularly as a cure for asthma.

5 Best Food That Cure Asthma