5 Beneficial Herbal Remedies For Appetite


In today’s tough and hectic life where you have to work immensely hard the whole day, you need to lead a hale and hearty life along with maintaining a steady body weight. Some people put on excessive weight as they might be eating more than their body requires and later struggle to get in shape. Few people control their appetite tightly so much that they skip foods when they’re hungry thinking they would go slim. It is very important to lose weight if you have put on some extra weight or overweight by stabling on your appetite.


You should retain an active appetite at all times. For losing weight, you might try out many over-the-counter and prescription based medications from the doctor which involves noradrenergics, like Adipex-P, lonamin, and antidepressants like sertraline. But you’ve to face many side effects adding to nausea, worries and insomnia. If you are all set and determined to curb your appetite in a natural way, then you can stick to herbal remedies. You’ll gain immensely from these remedies which will also allow you to drop weight gradually. Here we’ve approached with 5 beneficial herbal remedies for the right appetite.

Best Herbal Remedies For Appetite

Malabar Tamarind As Herbal Remedy

Your appetite can be curbed with the intake of malabar tamarind (gareinia cantbogia) which is a fruit that is generally found in South India, though it is now available in other states too.

You can add this fruit in the Indian cuisine. The dry form of malabar tamarind is known to be appetite suppressant and also considered as effectual lipogenic inhibitor which puts off the generation of fat. You should intake 500 mg dose three times per day daily.

Malabar Tamarind

Fennel As Herbal Remedy

Fennel or foeniculam vulgare is helpful in upholding your appetite while you lose your weight. Being a natural appetite suppressant, fennel seeds are obtainable in tea form, at health food stores and also as a supplement.If you want to decrease your hunger, you can switch to fennel seeds. You can prepare fennel seeds curry or arrange for fennel seeds juice which is very nutritious for your health and digestion.


Kola Nut As Herbal Remedy

Kola nuts are the unique edible nuts which consist of higher concentration of caffeine and helps in soothing your appetite. It also helps in enhancing your energy, improving your digestion and lessening your tiredness.

You should take kola nuts in moderation but pregnant women should avoid it fully. In a 10 oz of water in a sauce pan, you should add 4-6 kola nuts and keep it boiling for 5 minutes. Then switch off the gas and pour the mixture in a mug or cup and dispose of the kola nuts. Wait till the kola tea cools slightly and then drink it. You can prepare the kola tea once a day daily.

Kola Nut

Guarana As Herbal Remedy

You can suppress your appetite at the time of weight loss by having guarana seeds (paullinia cupana) which also cures your hangovers.A Gaurana seed which contains higher amount of caffeine lessens your fatigue too. You can take few gaurana seeds and add them in fruit salad and have it once a day daily.


Alfalfa As Herbal Remedy

Your appetite will be reduced with the help of alfalfa which acts as a diuretic. Alfalfa which contains energetic components like saponin content will aid in supporting the health of blood vessels. The alfalfa leaves also consist of isoflavones, flavones and sterols.

You can either prepare alfalfa tea, salad or curry with its leaves.Therefore you can now experiment with the variety of herbal remedies for appetite given above.