4 Homemade Moisture Therapy To Heal Chapped Lips



Chapped lips are a common beauty problem which we face usually in winter season. But for some body it is a problem for the whole year. The skin of our lips is very soft and thinner than any other body parts. It gets chapped due to loss of moisture in this skin. In winter season there is less humidity in the air. For this reason our lips lost its moisture so fast and get dry; as a result we faced chapped lips. So, in winter season our lips need its need extra care. When we have a problem of chapped lips we try lip balms and other products that are easily available in the market. But do you ever tried of any home made moisture therapy to heal your chapped lips? If not then please try it now as these home remedies are really useful. So, why are you waiting for?

4 Homemade Moisture Therapy To Heal Chapped Lips

Coconut Oil And Honey Lip Treatment

Do you ever try this famous lip treatment therapy which has been used from ancient times? Take pure virgin coconut oil which is available in market. In winter season you will find it in a solid state like a white gel form. So to try it in your remedy first dilutes it by just placing the bottle in few minutes in boiled water for few minutes. Now take ½ tea spoon of honey and mix it with ½ tea spoon of virgin coconut oil. Apply this mixture on your chapped lips when ever you feel it dry. Honey is a natural moisturizer which keeps your lips hydrated even if in winter and coconut oil heals chapped lips effectively. Regular use of this therapy is helpful for treating chapped lips.


Milk Cream And Rose Petal Therapy

This is another great home made lip treatment therapy which provides you effective results in the problem of chapped lips. Take one handful of rose petals and grind it in to smooth paste. Now take 2 tea spoon of this rose petal paste with 1 tea spoon of fresh milk cream. Blend it well with your index finger and apply it gently on your chapped lips. Rose petals keeps your lips soft while milk cream moisturizes your lips also cures your chapped lips in a natural way. So use it daily to get rid from chapped lips.


Sesame Seed Oil And Honey Therapy

Sesame seed oil is also an excellent ingredient for your skin which keeps your lips hydrated for a long time. Moreover this oil has sun protection properties which prevent your skin from tanning. Thus you are able to use this lip therapy in day time also and step out in sun with out any worry. Take 4 table spoon of sesame seed oil and 2 table spoon of pure honey in a bowl. Mix them well to get a uniform mixture. Now pour this home made mixture in a air tight bottle and apply it on your chapped lips with your fingers whenever you need it. Regular use of this therapy gives you a solution to get rid from chapped lips in a natural way.


Honey And Milk Cream Therapy

Honey is a natural moisturizer which keeps the natural moisture balance of your skin a natural way. That’s why this particular ingredient is used in this amazing home made lip treatment therapy. Take ½ tea spoon of pure honeyand blend it with 1 tea spoon of fresh milk cream thus you got a fine smooth paste from it. Apply this lip treatment therapy on your chapped lips frequent times a day. Milk cream heals your chapped lips leaving it soft in a natural way. Honey locks the moisture in the skin and prevents the cracked lips problems.

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