4 Facts To Know About Acai Berry Diet


Acai berry is a fruit that is native to Africa. However, it is one of the best ways to stay healthy, lose weight and also maintain good overall health. The problem is that since this fruit is not available in fresh forms all the times, people use its juice or even extracts. When following the acai berry diet, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

Here Are 4 Facts To Know About Acai Berry Diet 

Avoid Synthetic Acai Berry Juices

Now, you have to be wary of the fact that fake substitutes of the juice are available in the market. Don’t have synthetic fruit drinks which claim to have properties of acai berry. The chances are that they are just a marketing gimmick. Instead have the real extracts of the fruit available in juice boxes. You can get pure acai berry juice or its concoction with other fruits or berries.


Opt For No Sugar Acai Berry Extract Or Juice

Also, synthetic content in the juice will only misguides you from the target of weight loss. You may notice that some juices contain added sugar and preservatives. Sugar, in particular, will not help in the process of weight loss. Compare the different versions of acai juice available at your local supermarket. Choose juice brands that contain unsweetened pulp without any additional sugar.

no sugar

Check For Acai Berry Content

Another criterion here would be the proportion of the berry in juice. You are consuming the juice for health reasons. Hence, it is vital that the quantity or proportion of acai berry should be higher in the juice. There are some brands that contain only 20-30 percent of acai berry in the juice. The remaining portion includes other fruits. Keep in mind that your fruit juice should have at least 85% of acai berry. If having extracts, then you should make sure no additional preservatives are added in the same.

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Have Juice Or Dried Berries Instead Of Supplements

Instead of having acai berry supplements you should have the natural forms of acai berry juice, which have greater benefits than synthetic or unnatural substitutes. So, grab a glass and start drinking acai berry juice for a fit and healthy you rather than just having supplements.


Now, when you look at the above mentioned list you may be wondering that is it possible for any fruit to have so many benefits. But acai berry does. If you want to stay fit, look young and make others envious with your great body, consider an acai berry diet.