19 Unique Health Benefits Of Coconut


19 Unique Health Benefits Of Coconut

Coconut is also called Gods fruit because of the amazing benefits it has. Most people generally assume that this tropical fruit is all about soothing the stomach and work as a refreshing drink but that is really not true. There is much more to the coconut than just these benefits. Coconut can be consumed in different forms, use for cooking and also works as an external ingredient for great skin.

Here Are Some Amazing Benefits Of The Coconut-

For Great Skin

The application of coconut pulp or even the water of the coconut fruit is a great way to sooth dry skin and balance oil secretion. In fact, it has been proven that with regular use of coconut water or pulp, skin tone gets lightened and oil secretion is balanced too.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Removes Pimple Marks

Pimple or acne marks on the face can be removed by regular application of coconut water. In fact, even chicken pox marks are known to fade away with regular use of coconut water, which lightens skin tone and replenishes the skin too.


In Cooking

Coconut provides many by products and extracts that are used for cooking. These include the water, pulp and even milk extracted from the dried coconut. Along with this, coconut oil from the fruit too can be used for different kinds of cooking purposes.

Awesome Coconut Milk

Get Rid Of Tan

Coconut oil, milk or even the pulp and water is a great way to remove and treat tan. The cooling affect of the coconut helps to soothe burnt skin and helps in getting rid of tan too.

Cures Sunburn

For Lustrous Hair

Lustrous hair can be achieved by regular application of coconut oil or its milk. Coconut is rich in vitamins, which helps in replenishing the hair shaft. It adds moisture, cools the head and works as a stimulating agent to promote growth of hair too.

Take Time To Condition Your Hair

Treat Alzheimer’s

Coconut contains an agent named MCFA that is easily digested by the liver though the creating of ketones. This helps in improving brain functions. As a result, the brain is also able to make insulin on its own for healthier brain cell functioning, which prevents and treats Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Balances High Blood Pressure

The oil of the coconut is very high on saturated fats, which are natural and easily absorbed by the body too. As a result the body is able to balance blood pressure and regulate the flow of blood to different body parts.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Reduces Cholesterol

The high amount of saturated fat in coconut also helps in converting the bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. Hence, this works in balancing cholesterol levels in the body and reduces heart related diseases.

Reduces High Cholesterol Levels

Treats Kidney Diseases And UTI

UTI along with different kinds of kidney diseases are treatable via regular consumption of coconut products and extracts. This fruit clears the urinary tract and heals infections along with preventing them. It also has MFCA in coconut oil that avoids lipid coating and prevents kidney related diseases.

Enhances kidney Health


Regular consumption of coconut water is known to provide hydration. Basically coconut water has natural electrolytes that are known to clear up the digestive system along with providing natural sugar to aid hydration.

coconut water

Sooth Ailing Stomach

You can get rid of stomach woes like loose motions or digestive disorders by regular consumption of coconut water. Even the pulp of this fruit helps to alleviate the symptoms of an ailing tummy and works as a natural laxative.

Ailing Stomach

Reduces Inflammation

There are very high levels of antioxidants in the coconut fruit that help to reduce inflammation. They are known for treating problems like arthritis, which occur because inflammation. The analgesic properties of the fruit help to curb the disease too.

Reduces Inflammation

Fights Cancer

Coconut oil has ketones that aid digestion, as a result of which tumour cells are unable to re-generate in the body. Also it has MCFA that creates lipid walls, which prevents bacteria from growing in the stomach, thus reducing chances of cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Boost Immunity

Coconut is rich in auric acid, which fights various candida infections along with bacteria too. The coconut is high on nutrition that also fights of different viruses along with parasites too.

Improves Immunity

Easy To Digest

Coconut water, along with the oil and the pulp are very easy to digest. They are high on natural laxatives, which means it is easier to break down by the body and aids in digestion too.

Improves Digestion


Coconut oil and pulp are rich in antioxidant properties that fight of free radicals, which are responsible for ageing. Regular consumption  of the same prevents signs of ageing and reduces fine lines too.

Prevents Aging

Weight Loss

Electrolytes in the coconut water provide energy while the natural saturated fats, prevent bad fat. Along with this, coconut water also enhances metabolism that aids in weight loss.

Helps In Weight Loss

Hormonal Balance

Coconut oil contains Lauric acid, which facilitates hormone functions. It is especially useful for pregnant women or those going through menopause.

Hormonal Balance

Healthy Drink

Coconut water is a health and refreshing drink that is low on calories and high on health. Have a glass every day to ensure a healthier you, with higher energy levels.

Healthy Drink