19 DIY Natural Ways to Cure Digestion Problems

Ways to Cure Digestion Problems

You should use natural methods to cure digestion problems. Some plants and herbs help in increasing the digestion power. These herbs help in curing inflammation and expelling gas. You should eat bitter greens like black cohosh, skullcap and angelica. These bitter products help in production of digestive juices and enzymes. Some herbs that help in expulsion of gas are fennel and rosemary. You should add these herbs in the food. You can drink infusions of herbs. You can give fennel and chamomile to children. If you have abdominal cramps due to digestion problems, you should drink tea made with lavender, mint and wild yam. The top 19 DIY natural ways to cure digestion problems are as follows.

Chatelaine – 19 DIY Natural Ways to Cure Digestion Problems

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